December 4, 2009


Hi family!!
so being the resourceful missionaries we are, we found a way to cheat a little bit on the emails. We open, 
click on feedback, then type out our emails in the message box! So we can type more now without the clock 
counting down. Then we we finish our email, we copy it, open our email, paste it, send it and you only used like 
2 minutes total! so then you can close it and still have 28 minutes for the day or whatever. So we can type more 
then one email and open the email, send it, and sign out without being rushed! might slightly be against the 
rules but at least we have time now to think a little bit about what we want to say! I hope everyone is doing good! 
I've been getting a lot of mail/packages lately, so thanks everyone! The elders in my room say thanks too, now 
we can eat something between 5pm and 730am. How is it with just having 3 kids at home now!? That is so weird 
to even imagine. Have you heard from Rakai since he left? Its awesome he's actually over there now. Mom you 
should try and send me a few pictures before I leave, the only one a brought with me was one of the st. george 
temple. So it'd be cool to have a few of the family, also one with my long hair because nobody can picture me with 
long hair and they wanna see. One of the elders in my district used to have way long hair too and when I said mine 
used to be like that they didn't believe me. So yea, a few pictures from home would be cool. I can't get on the blog 
you are doing, the MTC computers block pretty much everything. You can't even use some of the links of the lds 
websites, if you click on them the whole internet and everything just closes ha. So I'll have to wait until i'm out in 
the field until I can actually look at it. Apparently because of thanksgiving or something my districts departure dates 
got postponed or something. So now we don't go until the 14-16, everyone is leaving between those days. Its 
probably good though because I don't feel like I know enough yet and leaving next week I'd definitely be nervous. 
I probably will be anyway but still. I got called to be a district leader last sunday, a bunch of missionaries went out 
last week including our district leader so they called me. All the missionaries in my district are way cool so its pretty 
fun, I do have a little more responsibility then before but its not bad. The zone leaders on the other hand are loaded 
with stuff to do all the time. In my room is the zone leaders, myself, and my companion. So we have to be the 
"examples" to everyone else. I got a new companion too, Elder Lau. He is originally from Hong Kong but lived in 
London for like the last 10 years so his english is good. He speaks with a british accent though its pretty funny.Classes 
are going good! I am still learning so much everyday its like mentally tiring. Every night you lay down and pass out 
right away. I've learned so much here in two weeks its crazy. We get to teach mock investigators a couple times a 
week, just volunteers who are really members but act like they aren't. We go and teach them the different lessons. 
Thats my favorite part about the mtc I think. Because even though they are already members and have testimonies 
and all that, you never know, they might really be having problems or need help with something. My companion and 
I get to teach them and we treat it like its real (we're supposed to anyway but yea) , the last time we taught on 
tuesday was way good. You could feel the spirit so strong and it felt like they were totally in to it and really interested. 
It felt really good. The people I'm meeting in the mtc are awesome, I love my class and distrcit. The elders from hong 
kong in my district are way funny and there is an elder from Kirtibati that is awesome. He is teaching how to speak 
Kirtibati and i'm actually learning a lot its sweet. I wanna go live there for a little after my mission or something.
 The tongans are still the tongans, a few left but there is still a bunch here. I walked by there room the other day 
and they were lifting the bunkbed frame off the lower bed and putting them on the ground. So now they have no 
bunk beds and have 4 regular beds and there is pretty much no floor space in their room. I guess they thought I 
was someone else because when I opened there door to go in they all stopped and looked at me like they were 
in trouble, then they all just started laughing and kept pulling apart their beds. I keep seeing jordan around its cool, 
makes me feel like I'm not really away from home when we see each other. I tried to talk to Dads mission president 
last friday but he wasn't there so I'm going to do it today, I'll let you know how it goes! I hope everybody is doing 
good, thanks again for all the letters and everything. Tell uncle paul thanks for that work out thing! I haven't had 
time to figure out how to use it yet but I will! one of the tongans was in my room when I opened it and he keeps 
asking me if I know how to use it yet. I guess he wants to use it too ha.Elder torres in my room needs to go get 
his suit jackets tailored and they told him he has to go to the byu laundry, so i'm gonna go with him. Maybe we'll 
see heather and sarah!  One of my teachers Mrs. Reid always tells us "we are not here to be, we are here to become" 
Its a simple thing you hear but its helping me a lot. To become we need to be humble and teachable, Mosiah 4:11 
has been my focus for most my time here in the mtc and its helping me to "become". well this is getting real long 
and I still need to go get my laundry out of the dryer so I don't keep other missionaries waiting. Keep eric, greg, 
and me in your prayers! we need as much help as we can get! i love you all!
Elder Puriri

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