December 10, 2009


Dad, Mom, Rakai, Karamea, Ammon, Asa, Hamilton
My time here in the MTC has been really amazing.  I am staying here longer than expected at first but I'm actually grateful for that.  At first I didn't really like the MTC but when you focus on the right parts of it you really start to enjoy it.  I learn so much everyday and am strengthening my relationship with Christ.  I'm becoming more aware of the presence of the spirit and noticing it more in everything.  Twice a week we go and get to teach to teach mock investigators.  It's my favorite time of the week!  Even though they are already members, they still might need some kind of help in their lives.  It's the best feeling when you're teaching and the person you're teaching is really into it and you can see and feel they really are interested.  The spirit is there and you feel like you're helping in some way.  Sometimes you don't say what you had planned or you say something that you weren't even thinking.  And that's the spirit!  It's so cool to be able to teach by the spirit, you realize without the spirit you really won't be able to teach at all.  You can say all you want but if it's not sincere and with the spirit it won't teach the person and they won't really get what you want them to.  I've been really blessed being here.  From all the things I'm learning to my companions to the peole I'm meeting and making friends with.  I'm grateful I'm learning so many of these things in the MTC.  I feel like it's giving me a headstart for the stuff in the field.  So I won't have to go through as many as the spiritual and mental struggles there.  I am overcoming difficulties here so it won't be so hard out in the field.  It's another proof of how well God knows me.  He is helping me so much with the exact things I will need out in the field.  The MTC at first wasn't exactly my favorite place.  I've grown to like it though and learning all the stuff here than you can is actually kind of fun.  All the missionaries in my class, district, branch are so awesome.  I'm getting to know them really good and we've become like a big family.  We joke around, "hang out"(as much as possible in the MTC), and we help eachother grow spiritually.  At first our class had 14 missionaries but we got split in half it was kind of sad.  The class though now is really cool.  We get along really good.  Our teachers, Sister Reid and Brother Owens are awesome and we help eachother every day.  The thought now of leaving the MTC and going out to Germany is really exciting.  But also very scarry too.  It will be cool to speak German again all the time but I'm nervous about teaching.  I don't really have a good gospel vocabulary and get tongue tied remembering what to say.  It's okay though.  Faith conquers fear, and I know if I'm working hard and for the right reasons God will help me any way I need.  (John 15:7)  I can't wait to learn German to the point where I can speak clearly and powerfully with the spirit and say whatever I want.  I am really excited to serve God.  The only thing I have to worry about is bringing people to Christ.  Which is actuality is the most important and vital thing in our lives.  So my worry is the biggest worry.  And my job is the most important job.  It's overwhelming to think about it like that but it's true.  I am honored to be a missionary for Jesus Christ, and to be a representative (3 Nephi 5:13) of Him.  I want to bring others to Christ through my example and through his help.  I want to bring myself closer to Christ so that I can feel him with me all the time.  I want to be filled with his love and the spirit and want it to radiate from me that others might be able to see it and recognize it as a familiar feeling and because of it they will remember who they are, where they are going and what they should be doing on earth.  I've only been on my mission for about 3 weeks and I'm amazed at what I've learned already.  It makes me wonder what I'm going to learn the next couple of years.  I can't even imagine.  So the MTC has been good and so has my first 3 weeks of my mission.  This will probably be the last hand written letter you're going to get from me before I leave.  I will still email Friday but then I leave Monday!  It sounds like everyone is doing really good.  It's crazy to think Ammon, Asa and Hamilton are the only kids home now.  It seems like the house would feel empty or something.  To me it seems like you guys would feel more alone than I actually do.  Of course though none of us are really alone though so it's okay!  I hope everyone is doing good.  Mom maybe you can type this and send it to Karamea and Rakai or something.  I love you all, thanks for everything.
PS - I'm going to try and send home a couple pictures or so before I leave.  Also, if you could send me some regular Burt's Bees.  The weather protector is good but it is more like a protection thing than a moisterizer.  And when I put lots on my lips turn white.  Also, get me James' address!  I still don't have it.         

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