December 26, 2009


Christmas Day - 9:00am.  Isaac called!  SOOOO EXCITED!  We planned the whole morning around his phone call.  We love the technology of Skype.  Isaac called on my computer and Karamea called Rakai in New Zealand on her computer.  Then they talked to each other computer to computer and we all engaged in conversation.  It was 5:00am for Rakai and 5:00pm for Isaac.  We talked for exactly 2 hours 12 minutes and 19 seconds.  I am still feeling so elated - JOY is the best word I can think of. It was awesome!  We are grateful to Sister Zimmerman for allowing Elder Isaac to use the computer in her home.  We found out that Isaac's companion, Elder Killpack is from Sandy.  His family is actually in Grandpa and Grandma's stake and live close to my parents.  We will have to go visit them next time we are in Salt Lake.

Isaac is happy to be in Schwarzenberg for Christmas.  The area is in the mountains.  He says it feels like a scene right out of Narnia.  He says there are lights in the windows and the markets are filled with Christmas fun.  It is the envied area to be during the holidays.  He has been busy with holiday activity and P-Days are few and far between.  Which means letters and emails will be difficult.  I suppose this 2 hour conversation will have to keep us until we hear from him again.   

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