November 27, 2009


Hello everyone! 
I've been in the mtc now a little over a week. Its weird the days go by really slow and seem like they take forever, 
but then the weeks fly by. My daily schedule now is get up at 6, b.o.m. study at 7, breakfast, class, lunch, class, 
dinner, class! sometimes there are devotionals and firesides too and we have a 45 minute gym period so thats always 
good. I usually play volleyball with all the tongans and samoans, they accept me more now that they now I have 
polynesian blood in me ha. This week we had two devotionals and we heard from Dallin H. Oaks and yesterday Jeffery 
R. Holland came and spoke to us. It's so cool being able to be right there and having them talk directly to you as 
a missionary. I wrote a letter last week after I made the mistake of erasing my whole email. So hopefully you got 
that! My branch is the international branch and there are only 4 of us who are actually from america. It feels like 
i'm on an exchange again being around all the different cultures and hearing all the different languages. When I got 
here they put us on the 4th(top) floor of our building and told us we would be staying there, even though our whole 
zone was down on the 2nd floor. Then two nights ago they said they wanted us to move down the the 2nd floor. It was 
so awesome; I had everything unpacked and got to pack it all up again, take it downstairs, and unpack again!! Now we 
are on the same floor as all the polys and we pretty much get complaints everynight from the missionaries below us 
and above us saying they are too loud at night. You're supposed to be in your rooms at 1015 and in bed by 1030. Most 
of the tongans don't go to bed until way later so they're always up singing, laughing, and wrestling or something. 
Its funny to hear all of them speak english and they are so enthusiastic about everything. I don't think they really 
know my name, they just call me New Zealand but thats ok. Last night I went to the pull-up bar which is right outside 
of their rooms on the wall. They always work out right there for the first part of the night. Then I went and started 
doing stuff and somehow it turned into me doing something, then one of them having to do it. Then them doing something, 
and me having to do it. It was pretty funny. They are all a whole lot bigger then I am though ha. Classes have been 
going good. I am learning a ton and its hard to remember everything and be able to use it all the teach. You take 
so many notes and study so much its hard to retain everything, I think I'm getting the most important stuff though. 
Our class got split in half, it was actually kind of sad. We had 14 now its just 7 since some of the other class left 
this week so they put the rest in there. Now there are 2  of us americans, a brazilian, samoan, chinese, and Kirtibati 
elder in the class. Then we have the 2 american sisters. Its lame that I'm the only one speaking german in my mission 
and I never even get to speak to anyone and actually practice. Someone just told me I can schedule a teaching 
appointment with a german speaking r.m. to learn more so maybe i'll do that. I was coming back from dinner the other 
night and saw a guy dressed in regular clothes with a backpack on just waiting outside our building and when I got 
closer I realized it was Kevin. He actually teaches in the same building I have class, just up stairs so thats good 
to know.  He gave me that box and told me where I could find him here. The muffins were way good and everyone loved 
them. I felt like I was at home almost. My companion elder Bodhaine got a huge thing of brownies that same day so 
everyone was in our room that night eating whatever we had ha. As soon as anyone sees food or even smells it everyone 
is in your room. Dinner is at 5 and we go to bed at 1030 so by that time everyone is pretty much dying for food. The 
have mixed feelings about the MTC, i'm learning a lot and I know I need to be here. Its just there are so many random 
weird rules and things it makes it kind of annoying. I'm making the best of it though and focusing on the good. My 
motto while being here is D&C 11:18...I think thats what it is. I don't have my scriptures here. It says 
something like "Keep my commandments, hold your peace, and appeal unto my spirit" so thats what I'm doing! Its really 
cool when you actually get to go teach investigators(who are really just members that come to volunteer). You feel 
like you're really teaching though and you can always feel the spirit really strong. I just can't wait to get out 
to the field. Its crazy Rakai is going to New Zealand. Good luck with all that and just work your hardest and you'll 
make it. There will only be 3 kids at home...thats a weird thought. The timer is at 3 mintues so i'm gonna wrap this 
up. I love you all and hope everything is going good. Letters are the best to get because I can read them and respond 
anytime. Emails are hard because of the timer. So write letters! also someone get me james's address because I dont 
have it for some reason ha. 
Everyone have a good week!! 
Elder Puriri

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