November 24, 2009


Hello Family,
I feel pretty bad right now, I wrote this huge email to you and went to push send except I kind of missed and pushed a different button and my email was gone.  I was just under pressure from that big red timer counting down.  So I will try to remember what I typed so this letter will be pretty long.

The MTC so far has been overwhelming.  The first night they have elders teach people in front of us.  Then the elders leave and we had to finish the lessons.  It made me feel really inadequate to be serving the Lord.  I hope that feeling fades.

I am in the International District so almost everyone is from outside the US.  There are 4 of us from America out of about 80 I think.  The rest are learning English and are advanced in their English.  Elder Bodhaine, from North Carolina, is my companion.  He will be serving in the Belgium, Brussels/Netherlands French speaking mission.  Sister Clark from Florida will serve there too.  Her companion, Sister Cutler is from Provo and will serve in Genieva Switzerland French speaking. 

(Sorry about my hand writing, I'm in a hurry and trying to write a lot.)

In my class there are kids from Samoa, Kitabes...or something, another island in the South Pacific, Holland, Hong Kong, Spain and other places. 

My daily schedule is...up at 6...breakfast at 7...class at 8...lunch at 12...class at 1...dinner at 5...class at 6...back home by 9:15...bed at 10:30.  Its a lot so by 10:30 you're dying to go to bed. 

I keep seeing Garett's brother Jeremy and I saw Jordan too.  I ran into Eric yesterday which was comforting.  He told me about his first few days and its how I'm feeling so I'm not worried.

I'm excited to be here and its cool to feel the spirit all the time.  I'm really sorry I can't write more.  I won't mess up next week with the email.  Pray for me, Eric and Greg as we are all praying for you. 

I love you all.


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duane w said...

Awesome blog! Looking forward to reading more in the next two years.