April 4, 2011


Another General Conference! It is such a blessing we have. I can't believe another one has come and now is already done. I am nervous about how fast the next one will come. We were able to see all the sessions this weekend except the Sunday afternoon one. Elder Nelson and I watched it just barely though before we started emails (which means we also don't have a lot of time now for emails sorry!). Elder Holland explained well why we have conference and how we can get what we need out of it.

One of my favorite talks was from Elder Lynn G. Robbins. About being and doing. We will be happiest in being and doing. The gospel of Christ is being and doing. A thought I had during the first session makes me think about this. Peter was asked by Christ 3 times in a row if he loved him. Each time he answered yes. The next thing Christ said to him was an invitation to do. Feed my sheep. Peter was ''being'' in that he loved Christ, but without doing, it was still questionable. Do we prove better in doing then simply answering yes 3 times?? Both sides must be there for it to have its full effect. And as Elder Christofferson mentioned we are judged also by the final effect of out acts and thoughts. For the final effect to be something of God, inspiring others to do good, we must be doing and being. Doing making the impression, being making it last.

I encourage all of you to act on the simple thoughts and feelings you have to do good. As well as the simple thoughts and feelings you have to change something in order for you to come closer to God. Do not question or second guess. Do not hesitate. There is no need to wait. Act now, be, and you will notice the blessings. If we hesitate and wait, then later decide to act, we will have lost a lot of time we could have used much better. It would be sad to think back and say ''look where I am now, what I have been able to help accomplish. I wonder where I would be had I acted earlier''. Make the best of what you have. Do not complicate things in over thinking or second guessing. If it is good, it is of God. Act and see what else he has waiting for you. In this we will move the blessings of the gospel forward much quicker and spread them to many more people.

I am sorry this is so short but we spent 2 hours watching conference just barely. It was of course worth it.

I am grateful for my Savior. He has made everything possible. Applying what he has given us not only improves every aspect of our lives, but also of everyone elses. Approach things with an eternal perspective.

Have a good week and be happy!
I love you!!
Elder Puriri

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