April 11, 2011


This past week was pretty good. We were busy with zone conference and austausches but it was a ton of fun. We had 3 tausches and zone conference so Elder Nelson and I were only together for zone conference pretty much. It was cool though being able to work with so many different missionaries. It made the week feel like it didn't exist though. We've tausched so much in the last little bit Elder Nelson has been in Frankfurt for like a total of 7 days or something out of like 2 1/2 weeks ha. I feel bad he's always packing and going but thats what happens sometimes when your new in the area. We have lots of time now ahead of us to spend working here in Frankfurt together so I'm excited about that.

We've been working with this chinese kid for the last little while and he's been doing really good. He used to not even believe in God, now he is praying and reading and coming to the youth activities and church. Its been awesome to see the change. His life was filled with stressful problems the last little while. To see how he went to God for help was pretty awesome. He needed a new apartment, he needed a visa renewal, figure stuff out with german class and school, looking for work. Lots of random things that are just frustrating. He lost his public transportation ticket to add to it and his computer wasn't working. Through prayer and diligence in his own efforts he has seen miracles. His computer basically fixed itself, he found his ticket like a few hours after he called us and asked us to look for it in the church. Told us later it has been ''surpising'' how prayer works. Something goes wrong and he can't fix it, so his last resort he goes to prayer. Minutes later he finds his ticket and his computer works. He was hoping for a 3 month visa extension so that he could stay and figure out what he was going to do. He said he prayed the whole time during the discussion with the people and leading up to it and in the end to his total surprise he walked out of there with a year and a half visa extension. He also found a new apartment and moved last weekend. Problems he has been having are slowly being swept out of his way. It has been amazing to see. He has been a great example to me in his faith in prayer and how he applies it in his life. We are excited to continue to work with him and hopefully help him take the next step to come closer to his father in heaven. It has also helped me realize even more how much God cares for each person individually.

Our problems of course are not always simply solved. He does however love each person and cares fully for that individual and their hardships. He will give us the assistance and help we need to make it. He will allow us to struggle. Which hopefully leads us to humility and recognize our reliance on him. Not the other way, to the hardening of our heart, to the doubting that he is there. The bitterness must be avoided. 

I read a cool talk again this last week that I read at the beginning of my mission. It is called Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Elder Pearson from the April 2009 conference. I would like you all to read it and to think about the 6 Destructive Ds. We need to avoid these things! Discouragement is a waste of time!! It just slows you down. Like on the soccer field. Getting discouraged, or having that self pity on the field. Waste of time, slows you down, you end up doing worse and worse. I dont remember when but I do remember while growing up and making mistakes on the field. Someone told me as soon as I make the mistake, recognize what I should have done, then forget it. Don't let it bother me anymore, don't dwell. Then do better next time! Same in life and in the gospel. Making mistakes and dwelling on them or dwelling on the bad things that happen to us drag us down, draw us away from God. I remember as a freshman not playing as much varsity as I wanted and being super nervous all the time because I would get down on myself or think negatively then Mom told me to stop thinking the way I was at practice on the field. I started thinking more positively and not dwelling and made progress quickly!

In the gospel as we have confidence in ourselves being able to make the right decisions and achieve good things, and have confidence in the atonement of Christ, and the love of God, we will move forward quickly. We will better avoid the destructive things of life, and we will come closer and closer to our father in heaven. Getting to know Him and his son Jesus Christ better and better. Reaching eternal life. John 17:3. 

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Get to know them. Be positive, bring yourself closer to God rather then distancing yourself from him. I have realized, you are the only thing holding you back. I love the things we get from this gospel. I love the knowledge we can receive, I love truth, and I love that I am in control of whatever happens with me.
I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy your week and be happy!

Elder Puriri

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