April 18, 2011


Hello Family!
We had a pretty cool past week. We had a couple tausches which were good experiences and we were able to work a lot more in our own area. We had a cool girl in her 20s just show up to the YSA fhe on monday. She found us on the internet and wanted to come see. So we were able to teach her 3 times actually last week. We gave her the Book of Mormon on Monday night and met again Tuesday night and she had already read from the title page to 1 Nephi 3. We met again on the weekend and she had almost finished 1 Nephi. Its amazing to see the progess somebody can make when they want to. And how much somebodys personal progess depends upon them. Upon what they decide to do to get something. Or what they decide not to do. She is solid though and it will be cool working with her more.

We had a few cool lessons where it again stuck out to me how dependent we are on the spirit. A few lessons where we were really prepared and everything flowed very well and the spirit was very strong. Other lessons where we thought we were prepared then the person would throw something at us we hadn't expected. Then at that point we had no idea what to say. I took a minute to think and just opened my mouth and began and things just came. Ideas, examples, things to say to help the person better understand. I sat there with no idea how I should answer, Elder Nelson looked like he was in the same situation, the member with us was the same. I thought about the promises we have as ordained teachers, said a quick prayer, and just opened my mouth and started to talk. I began talking not really knowing what I should say, but figured it would come while I was talking. And it did! A couple examples came to my mind that were simple to understand and scriptures to help, it was another cool experience. 

I am really grateful that we are not in this work alone. I am also very grateful that God wants to help. He wants his children to receive the gospel. Like in Jacob 5:72, he is laboring with us. When we sit there clueless, his understanding surpasses ours and he knows what to do. If we rely on the spirit it will reveal to us how to minister perfectly to others as Christ does. Sometimes its a little weird to open your mouth and start talking even though you know you have no idea what to say. But its always amazing to see that what to say is given to you. This whole process is very humbling and very real. Without things like this, we wouldn't be able to do this work. God calls and allows 52,000+ young men and women mostly under 25 to go and do this important work. We are not in any way fully qualified teachers who know all the doctrine. Many of us just got out of High School. He qualifies us for the work through the workings of the spirit. We are able to learn and grow as we try to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. It is an amazing experience. I don't know how else to describe it.

I was thinking this week more about how things depend upon us. I found this quote a while ago that Elder Cook used once. ''There is no chance, no fate, no destiny, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.'' We can affect things much greater then we know. Each of you individually has a power in you that can honestly change the world. The principle of free agency is very powerful. You can choose. You set your whole being on something and you do it. Even when somebody tells you no, or to stop, or its not possible. That seriously doesn't matter. Think about it, when you decide you want to do something, somebody tells you its not possible or no. What do you then do? When I was younger I would think that was it. When somebody said no or whatever that was it. But I would always recognize this like fire in me still burning hard. Not wanting to give up and wanting so much more now to prove it, telling me that wasn't it. Then I thought about it and realized my choice is so much more powerful.

We need to be careful about which direction we determine our soul, or check whether its determined in any direction at all. Because if we don't have a firm resolve and direction, we will be influenced and blown around by the winds of the world so much more then we know. Take time and recognize where your resolve is. Realize the power you have in you. This firm resolve of your determined soul. NOTHING can take that away from you. As we set this firm resolve of our determined souls in line with God our possibilities become much greater, our boundaries are done away with. Our confidence grows and we know we can do anything.

You all have this potential! We are all going through different experiences in life, but that doesn't matter. As we develop this firm resolve and a determined soul all things are possible. A quote from Joseph Smith in PMG says that great things depend on your individual exertion. Gain confidence while doing that which is asked of us by our Heavenly Father, develop this firm resolve of a determined soul, move forward and make these great things a reality. Remember YOU are the only thing holding YOU back. Don't let this be the problem. It is a waste of time. Make the decision now, move forward now, make great things a reality now.

I love you all with all my heart, and I know you all can do this. I pray for each of you every night. Be happy and don't ever doubt yourself or God. For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Elder Puriri

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