March 28, 2011


So on Monday last week while Elder Amandoron and I were in the city President Ninow called. He told me quickly he had decided to change some things with transfers. He then told me that Elder Münzer was now going to Heidelberg to serve with Elder Gassman and that I would be getting Elder Nelson. So my new companion is actually Elder Nelson! Elder Matthew Nelson from St. George, UT who I went to High School with ha. Elder Nelson and I didn't know each other very well but we would see each other around and knew who each other were. It’s pretty funny though now when members or other people ask where we are from. They all think its pretty funny. It was a good week last week though and we are looking forward to the transfer.

Last week was good but super busy, we were all over the place. Wednesday was transfer day, then Thursday we had to move. The Elders that take care of the mission apartments got a 3rd elder and their apartment wasn't big enough for all 3 so we traded them apartments. Still same building and all so still same address. Just a new apartment. But that was Thursday and for some reason took a whole lot longer then we expected. Then Friday we went to Wiesbaden and tausched with the Elders there. I was here in Frankfrut with Elder Vail. It was a fun tausch. We were able to get a lot done and I learned a lot from him. Saturday morning Elder Vail and I went to go help Elder Ence. He was going to help somebody move so we went with him. That also took almost all day. There was a baptism in Wiesbaden that night at 6 so we were a little worried about that. Elder Vail was supposed to be there to give a talk but we were still in Frankfurt helping unload a moving van at 330. We met a cool family though and lots of their friends who were helping as well. So we'll keep in contact and hopefully be able to help them develop a relationship to their Heavenly Father and come closer to him through baptism! We rushed home showered, changed, and hoped on a train up to Wiesbaden. Then hurried through town to the Church and came running into the church right at 6! We just walked right into the chapel breathing heavily from running and sat down then the service began! It was a cool baptism though. The man getting baptized had been referred by his friends 3 weeks earlier! He had never even known the church before. In 3 weeks he changed his life, quit smoking, and was baptized. It was pretty awesome.We talked to a lot of people last week who had interesting views on life. Interesting opinions about the purpose of why we are here and the state of humanity. 

I always find it interesting to talk to these people. You can tell pretty quickly about whether or not the person has interest or wants to find out about what you're saying. Sometimes though it’s interesting to hear their arguments or thoughts about something. Often times as you listen you can understand where they are coming from and what they mean. Then you realize their reasoning behind this opinion or thought is a result of the lack of truth in their life. Or I guess the denial of truth in their life.

I fully believe that the acceptance and application of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will solve the problems of the world. There are many quick fixes that will last for a while. Fixing the surface problem. Eventually that quick fix will be stretched or pushed past its effectiveness or depth. Then the problem will be there again. The core is where the changes must happen or where things must be fixed. The core of humanity is the heart of each individual person. The pure gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing with the power to change or fix the heart forever. Everything else will be a quick fix, which will wear away. Then the person will have to look for another quick fix again. The Gospel however is eternal. It will not go away. Denying this or not accepting it will lead to simply more questions, doubts, pain, and a search for instant gratification or worldly joy. Both of which pass with time, meaning another search for another quick fix. Like elder Packer said, denying these things is like denying gravity. You can go ahead and deny and do what you want. But it is still there, it is still true. Someone’s opinion against or denial of eternal truth will not change a thing. It is simply postponing the inevitable. Close your eyes, turn your back to it, do what you will. The Gospel is still there, it is still true. Eventually each person will have to open their eyes and face the truth.

I wish I could explain this to people sometimes. Each person must be open and ready to hear it though. I have tried a few times but it doesn't click with some people. It’s so simple, and so logical. The simple principles of the Gospel alone are obviously the greatest problem solvers of the world. Repentance, forgiveness, love and charity. The principles like these though are not the things that will enable us to return to our Heavenly Father. For
this he has given us authority to act in his name, the Priesthood. With this things can be done on earth which have effect in heaven. Preparing us and making it possible for us to reach our ultimate goal, to live again with our Father in Heaven. The is the purpose of being here.

All the things we go through here are ways for us to learn and grow. We progress hopefully throughout life, helping others along the way. Pride and Selfishness are the most stupid things. There is no point to put others down, to cheat or lie in order to improve your life now. In order to have more money, a better worldly reputation. You are simply slowing yourself down as well as others. It is sad to see that instant gratification causes so many to deny truth. To see people deny who they truly are, to fall short of their potential. All we can do is our personal best. Making the most progress we can as fast as we can, thereby becoming more and more capable to help others. Moving forward with those around you to that which God has prepared for you and them.

I know I have a lot to learn, and lot more to understand. But I do know that this Restored Gospel which God has given back to us through the Prophet, Joseph Smith, is true. That God honestly loves us, and his son Jesus Christ performed the atonement to make everything possible for us. I am very grateful for these things, and I love them with all my heart. I hope to help others understand these things so that they may receive and embrace the things God is holding ready for them.

I love you all and am grateful for all you do and all that I have been able to learn from you. You can't comprehend the effect you each have had on me in my life. Thank you!! 
Elder Puriri

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