March 21, 2011


Hello! (Picture from yesterday at the Bishop's house. Bishop and Me!)

Another transfer is gone! Another companion is gone ha. Elder Amandoron leaves on Wednesday and I get a new companion. My new companion will be Elder Münzer. He is from northern Germany. We were in the Berlin mission together, and he also served with Elder Killpack. His mom is from Arizona if I remember right. So his English is basically perfect. It will be fun though. 2 basically Germans back to back. I can continue to get good tips on improving my German.

The transfers just pass by its strange. During them and all the days and weeks all the things you do, then all the sudden it’s the last week. This last transfer was good though. We found a lot of cool new people who we can hopefully continue to teach and work with. We were also able to work more closely with the members, which will hopefully only get better. There is a lot to do!! I'm excited to be here in Frankfurt. Especially since its getting warmer, more people will be out, we won't be so layered up, and everyone’s a bit happier! There is a good feeling here. So many people, definitely many being prepared.

Yesterday after sacrament I was walking around talking to members. Right before we left I went and talked to Br. Amelong I think is how his name is spelled. He is the stake patriarch. Its so cool talking to him, he always just tells me different stories about Matthew Cowley and the miracles he was able to perform in New Zealand because of the great faith of the Maori people. The topic in one of our classes was the life of Jesus Christ, and we talked about the story when he walks on water and Peter walks out to him. The topic of discussion turned into faith. So it was cool talking to Br. Amelong about that afterwards as well.

Faith is an amazing thing. As I read talks about Elder Cowley and the things he experienced. And as I read about Christ walking on the sea and Peter walking towards him I thought a lot about faith. Its cool to picture Christ walking towards their boat, then Peter asking to come to him. I can picture him climbing over the edge of the boat and putting his foot down on the water, then the other foot, then letting go of the boat. I can't imagine what he must have felt like. He was walking on water! His faithwas powerful. As we read though the waves and the winds picked up and he became afraid and began to sink. There are many lessons we can learn from this but keeping it simple is that with faith anything is possible.

Peter being courageous enough and trusting enough in Christ climbed over the edge of the boat and stepped onto water with the full belief that he would be able to stand on it. How cool is that! That seems to me like it would have been the hardest part. To actually put your feet down on the water and let go of the boat. Once you're on the water and walking your set. You are walking on water! In that alone your faith is confirmed and the reality of the power of it. When the winds pick up and the waves as well remember simply that you're walking on water. Have confidence in that and in the one in whom you have set your faith. There is no need to doubt or worry, because you are standing on water! You can continue walking towards your Redeemer with the full trust that these winds and waves will not cause you to sink. Keep your eyes set on Christ as you walk across the water. Looking away at the wind tossing the sea will simply cause worries, as you stare and dwell on the thought that the winds and waves are becoming stronger you will begin to doubt you will really be ok. Why even doubt though, you are standing on water!!! Push doubts aside with the assurance that through your faith in Christ you are walking on water, and that because of that he can help you do anything, withstand anything, and overcome anything. I haven't finished my study on that story yet, maybe tomorrow or so. It’s so cool though. I want to strengthen my faith like my Maori ancestors.

Sorry this is short, Elder Amandoron has got to go run a few more errands.

I love you all though!! Thank you for everything. Enjoy the week and love everyone!!!

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