May 25, 2010


So today we don't really have a lot of time either but I'll try not to rush through this. It’s actually a holiday here right now so nothing is even open. We're blessed to have to Muhlesteins in our area though so on days when the library is closed we can use their computer to do emails! The rest of the mission has to wait until tomorrow. Pretty convenient. We have an appointment at 12 though with a member so that’s why I have to hurry. Everything seems to be in a hurry ha but I guess it’s good. Keeps us busy and focused.

Six week of the transfer has started. I really can't believe how fast this transfer went by. Transfer calls on Saturday so next email I'll let you know who my new companion is! I don't expect getting transferred away from Nordhausen but you can't really plan for transfers. This last week we had Zone Conference in Leipzig with the Leipzig and Dresden zones so there were tons of missionaries there. Elder Weidmann, a 70 from Switzerland came and talked to use. It was way cool and I learned so much! President also talked to us and talked a lot about increasing our faith. Help me see more how big of a role our faith plays in finding and teaching people. It was a very good Zone conference. I also got to see all my old companions ha it was fun.

This last week we taught a kid from Bangladesh on Monday. It was a way cool appt and made out another for this past Saturday. We got a BoM in Bangali from the office and took it to him and talked a little about the Plan of Salvation. It was lots of fun. We read a lot from the BoM and he would always read out loud in Bengali. It sounded really cool ha but that’s not the point. You could see how much he was learning and that the BoM just made sense. He was reading something and as he finished he just kind of stared at what he read and just went "Wow..." it was cool! Then as we were leaving he was like now that I have the book in Bengali I can read all night! He's a cool kid. Going out of town but we'll most likely be meeting this weekend! Then we taught Evelyn last Thursday, the lady that had a baby back in March and couldn't get baptized the same time as her husband. The last few times we had taught them it hadn't gone how we had planned and it seemed like she was straying away from baptism. So that morning during planning E. Kearl and I tried hard to get a lesson ready that would get her excited and back towards baptism but we really could think of anything. We had no idea where to start, we just wanted to b. So we prayed throughout the day and asked the Muhlesteins to pray for us as well so that we would know what to teach when we got there. As we walked to the appt. though we still didn't know and we were kind of nervous! We talked for a little at the beginning then said an opening prayer and then it was kind if quiet for a second because we weren't sure what to teach. So to start it off we just asked if they had any questions or anything specific they wanted to talk about. Then Evelyn goes "Yea I want to get baptized and was wondering when that could happen?" I'm sure E. Kearl and I both just looked ridiculous at that moment, confused look, big eyes, wondering if she really just said that. It was pretty awesome! So we ended up talking openly about baptism just like we had wanted and set a date for June 26. We were worried all day and had no idea what to teach, the Lord knew what was going on though and that she was ready. Helped me see even more how much we just need to trust in the Lord. Of course we have to do our part, but when we do that, and trust in him, and if it is his will, it will work out.

It was a pretty exciting week! Only one more left in the transfer. It will be a good week though. I hope everyone back home is doing good! Next week I'll have time to write without rushing through. I love you all so much! Thanks for everything. Have a good week, and look for the good in everything!
Elder Puriri

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