May 4, 2010


We're on the computer at the same time, thats pretty funny! We could send emails back and forth and chat haha but that would take forever. Plus we're going to talk on Sunday so it's ok. Oh and I can skype on mothers day! I'm going to use the Muhlesteins computer at 6PM Sunday night so 10am for you guys. That’s crazy Garett's farewell is this coming Sunday. That's way cool, I wrote him a week or so ago so maybe he's gotten my letter. I haven't gotten Asa's letter yet or the package. It will probably come in today’s mail. Except I looked at my blog and it’s not Stollberger Str. 18 its Stolberger Str. 78. I've been getting your letters anyway but just so you know.

The first of May was pretty nice. The ward went for a spaziergang...a walk I guess ha. But through this big park in the city then we had lunch all together it was pretty cool. People had lots of ribbons in their trees and stuff but I didn't take any pictures sorry. Maybe next year ha. Then that night we had our windows open and could hear some concert that was going on down in the park. The band was playing old Beach Boys songs and stuff it was pretty funny.
This last week was good though. Pretty busy and it went by pretty quick. We had interviews with President Pimentel on Wednesday then I went on tausch in Weimar with Elder Webb again right after. President and I didn't talk about the Frankfurt mission at all or even the missions combining so still have no idea what’s going to happen there. May end up a Frankfurt missionary or I might stay a Berlin missionary. Won't find out about that for another month or so. Doesn't really matter, just have to serve my best where ever I am. Elder Killpack is now serving in Erfurt and we are tausching tomorrow so that will be cool to work with him again for the day! He thinks we're both headed to Frankfurt but we'll see.

The tausch in Weimar was pretty good. Elder Webb and I taught this couple from Azerbaijan, it was an awesome lesson. A member of the Branch Presidency from Weimar was there well with us. We talked about the Atonement in Alma 7:11-16. They both want to be baptized! So Elder Webb and Elder Watkins will continue helping them prepare for baptism. I really like how Alma 7:11-16 talks about the Atonement. The first 3 verses talk about Christ’s part and what he did for us. Then the last 3 verses talks about our part and what we need to do. Christ’s part is very long and there are many things he has done for us. Our part includes 5 things; faith, repentance, baptism/receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (two things but one without the other is not complete), and keeping the commandments. Comparing his part with our part in those 6 verses, his part is much harder. If we do our part, we don't have to suffer the things he suffered for us. The Atonement is a real thing, and we should take advantage of it. If we don't do our part then Christ suffered for us in vain. He suffered for us out of pure love, so that we could become clean and have a way to return to live with our Heavenly Father. We show him our love and our gratitude by using the atonement he has provided for us. It’s a pretty amazing thing and kind of hard to grasp the real meaning of it. Elder Scott talked about it this last conference, the significance of the Atonement. He encouraged all of us to study and pray for a better understanding of the Atonement. I've been doing that and hope to be able to better understand the Atonement more and more throughout my life. I do understand it more now then I did before my mission. But there is always more to learn.

Sorry this one is kind of short, but we'll be able to talk on Sunday! Thanks for all your guy’s letters and love. I hope everything is going good. Be positive and be happy! I love you all so much.
Elder Puriri

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