November 7, 2011


The last week was a good week. We sadly lost a couple investigators, but it gives us the opportunity now to find those who are ready. We helped out some members in the ward with some stuff and spent some time in surrounding villages. The ward is doing a 40 day fast for the missionary work here in the area and its been cool to see the results. We keep meeting really cool people on the streets and have way good conversations. Hopefully we can meet with some of them this coming week. 

While we finished dooring out an area we had a couple houses left but thought maybe we should go. As we walked out of the development we decided to go back and finish the last row of houses. Nothing really came from that so we went back to the main road to walk back into Gotha. On our walk back right before a turn in the road there was an older couple walking towards us. We stopped them and talked about building a relationship with God through prayer. The man stared at me for a second then told me that he lost his mom 6 hours ago and that he and his wife were just our for a walk to clear their minds. Then he paused again and said how could God help me right now?

We began to tell him about the Plan of Salvation and how the family can be eternal. We gave him a pamphlet about the plan of salvation. They didn`t want to make any appointment out but we wrote our number on the pamphlet and asked them to read it through, pray about it as the pamphlet instructs, and then to call us. So we will see. It was cool though because had we not gone back to just finish that strip of houses we probably would have missed them. God slowed us down enough to meet them and give them a ray of hope. The next 2 days after that we continually ran into people who told us they had lost a loved one recently, we had the opportunity over and over again to share our testimonies of the Plan of Salvation. You can see as you share that with someone in that situation how holes of doubt and misunderstanding are filled and they gain a more complete view of the picture. Hopefully stuff works out this week so that we can meet with them and help them more!

The knowledge available to us through the Restoration is amazing. I don`t understand why people refuse to except it or discredit it. I guess its because they don`t understand... Either way, God wants us to learn of him. As I have read recently in Alma chapters 40-42 I have been amazed at the detail and the doctrine revealed to us. It answers so many questions and opens up to us so much more understanding. It feels like a connect the dot process forming a picture. As I read and learn I feel like my mind is grasping Substance. I am filling my mind with things of weight that have a magnitude of their own. Grasping them and breaking them apart to understand the finer details and save them in our minds as things of understanding, which we can call upon to teach, comfort, and enlighten others takes work and guidance of the spirit. I feel though like it is the most rewarding work. Joseph Smith said ''The things of God are of deep import, and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out''. We must take the time in order to understand, and we must recognize that the spirit is the catalyst in the whole process.

Sorry this is a bit shorter, we still have other errands to run to prepare for the week. I hope you are all doing well though. Make it a good week! Love you!!
Elder Puriri

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