November 20, 2011


November 17, 2011 - We waited and waited and waited for his plane to arrive. It was late...very very late. But he made it and we were excited to see him. The anticipation was almost unnerving. I liken it to a time when our Heavenly Father and Mother await the safe return of each of their children.

I do not know the words to describe the joy within my soul at the safe return of Elder Isaac. A mother's love. Isaac is home, Ammon is alive and all is safely gathered in.

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MarJean and Rich said...

Welcome Home and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. What a great way to be welcomed home with a big meal and much love. It's wonderful to see you standing among your family once again.

We would come to your homecoming but we also have family here for Thanksgiving. But lets find a time to see you again. Give us a call: 801-544-1739 or cell: 678-9086

You look great!

MarJean and Richard Muhlestein