November 1, 2011


Hello Everyone!
The week just passed by as we were here in Gotha being missionaries! Yes mom I got that package and I am definitely not allowed to wear that tie ha. I wore it in the apartment but can`t wear it out. It works good at lunch over my other tie as like a bib or whatever ha. That letter from the primary is old though like back from june, they are going to wonder why I never wrote back but I didnt get it until basically November. So now I don't think I will write them and I will just talk to them when I get back or something.  Also emailing today because yesterday was a holiday in german, it was reformation day. So everything was closed, plus halloween. Which is getting more popular in germany. We weren`t the only ones going door to door last night ha. A couple people thought dressing up like a missionary was a funny costume then we explained we were for real ha, then they weren`t so amused anymore. One lady though was like oh....well how about this. Im not interested but take some candy. Then she handed us her bowl of candy and we each took a piece and continued door to door.

The past week was good though. We sadly were not able to meet with that older couple we doored into a little over a week ago. The husband got sick and the wife called us and said we should wait a week or so. So we will try by this week and see if he is doing any better. We still wanted to somehow keep contact though so I took a picture of Christ out of my scriptures and we went and bought a frame for it and took it to them as a gift. They were excited so that was good. we were able to meet a lot of people last week but sadly appointments didn`t work out too well. We will work on getting back in contact with them and then hopefully be able to teach them this week.

The guy from the bible study group that lives in the house connected to the church called us though last week. He wanted to know if he could take us to a Basketball game from the semi pro team here in gotha. We though probably not but told him we would call him back. So we called President Schwartz and asked him and he said he thought it was cool the guy called us and that it is a good opportunity to build the relationship and try to meet more with him. So we ended up going to the game! It was super weird. He requested we come in normal clothes ha, probably because he didn`t want to be the one bringing the mormon missionaries to a game and have everyone seeing him. So we wore regular clothes and went. It was a weird feeling! Being in that type of atmosphere and all. 

It made me think about how it will be in a couple weeks and I got a bit nervous ha. I was a bit worked up the rest of the night just with quick thoughts and what if`s and how will I's and other stuff. I am glad I still have time here to not worry about any of that. Then I remembered though what an Elder told me last winter a week before he went home. He talked to me about how he never wanted to think about going home either and would just face it when he got there. Then in his last interview though Pr. Ninow told him it was important to think about it and that he needed a plan, he told him it was ok to take some time and think about how it will be and what you will do. I just dont want to though because its all so vulnerable to quick changes and whatever else.

So I have been thinking about goals and purposes and lots of other things. As a missionary we have our purpose, which is described in Preach My Gospel pg. 1.  According to our purpose we set goals all the time to help us accomplish our purpose. Everything we do should be in relation to and contribute to moving us closer to it. I figure that is what makes things here so clear. I know that at all times whatever I am doing should contribute to my purpose. So when there is down time, I simply run through a list of things I could be doing in my mind, figure out which one would help most or be best at that time then simply do it! Everything is funneled into our purpose as missionaries. And what doesn't fit in the funnel needs to be done away with because it will clog it up or slow things down. We can check all activities and goals with our purpose and see if it fits.

So I figure I need to come up with a purpose for myself. It will take some time but it will make everything else I do more meaningful and will contribute to moving myself and others forwards. I liked the thoughts you had mom from dads lesson about follow since that relates well to that whole thing. Once we have a set purpose, we need to make sure everything we do is contributing towards it. Our activities need a direction and goal, if they do not have that then they are often insignificant and have no positive lasting effect.

We must know the What before we know the How. What we want to do, then we can figure out How-- or how we use our time to accomplish. If we do not know the What then our How has no direction.

We need solidity, eternal solidity. Which comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. ''That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive'' Ephesians 4:14. So I will be considering that and how to ''continue in the faith grounded and settled, and [to not be] moved away from the hope of the gospel.'' col. 1:23.
We need to decide and then decide to commit, for ''the absence of a decision to commit is a decision'' (E. Maxwell). Then regardless of what is going on around us we stay true. Elder Maxwell also said ''...though ours is a time of conflict, quietly caring for 'the life of the soul' is still what matters most. Though events set up the defining moments which can evoke profiles in righteousness, outward commotions cannot excuse any failure of inward resolve, even if some seem to unravel so easily''. So we must set our feet and stand firm.

I hope you all have a good week! Strive lift the burdens of others and improve their day, then you will be lifted in the best way. I love you all!!
Elder Puriri

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