October 4, 2011


Transfers have come again and now we are done with the five week transfers to align us with whatever it was the church was trying to do. Elder Rechter is being transferred though and I am getting Elder Sherman who is also pretty young on his mission and is from California and thats all I know about him so far. It will be good though, sadly probably quick. Its really hard to comprehend how all the time has come by and now I'm at this point. We'll keep busy this transfer though and do the best we can to help the people here in Gotha come closer to Christ.

Conference was really good. We were able to see all the sessions except Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we can watch that next pday or so. It really is so cool to have a living church. To have prophets and apostles. To have revelation functioning in the church. Watching conference and just listening to it is so apparent that these messages are needed today and exactly what God would have us, his children, know at this time. And considering President Monson is not only the Prophet of our Church but for the whole world, the messages make even more sense. 

The principles and messages received and delivered by those who spoke at General Conference are of course for the members of the Church. They are also for everyone else on earth though! Many of the messages delivered are not widely accepted thoughts or principles in the world. Many people simply get annoyed or angry when such things are taught or expected of them. There are many arguments against such teachings saying that they are only there if you want. Which I guess is true. But if you think about the greatest true joys in life, and the greatest joys after this life and you want them, then these principles are not just there if you feel like it, they are there of necessity. And in no other way will you access such joy. According to the eternal laws of truth, it can be done in no other way. Regardless of people trying and claiming to be accomplishing it, they are simply blinded and/or in denial. 

It is a free message for all to hear and accept and the invitation is constantly extended. As Elder Christofferson said it should not be like getting a bucket of cold water thrown at you when such a message is extended towards you. It is one of the saddest things to witness so often the bitterness in people towards such saving principles, spiritually as well as physically. It is sad to watch people battle brutally in the other direction trying to get the same goal you have, but in a way in which they simply will not succeed. 

Cecil B. Demille said ''It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law" and so it is. Eternal truths will ever be present. They will save us or damn us in the end. It is therefore our responsibility to inform ourselves and act accordingly. The saying ''ignorance is bliss'' is completely wrong, and ''what you don't know won't hurt you'' is right there with it. In the end nothing will hurt you more then what you do not know. That is why we are out here trying to spread this knowledge as quickly as possible. That is why the men and women who spoke this last weekend devote their lives to the church. Because the mission of the church is to spread Truth, help others apply it, and to make it available to those who otherwise could not have accessed it. 

Christ taught ''And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'' (John 8:32). We are not here to condemn people and tell them they are wrong, we are not trying to claim we are better. We believe and know the truth of these things. We have felt in our hearts that these things are true, that they are reality. We desire that others feel this as well, that they also live after the Restored Gospel of Christ so that they in the end may also return back to our Heavenly Father. We do not exclude anyone, for God desires everyone to return back. It is the work of true love for God and our fellow men.

In the process of it all it is essential that we ourselves continually learn, apply, and grow. The message can be brought to our heart by a family member, a friend, a speaker from conference, a child, a captivating scene in nature, a verse of scripture, and many other sources. If we do not do our part to allow that in and to let it work in us as we appropriately nourish it, then we cannot rightfully expect to learn of the truth and have a confirmation from God thereof. We should often ask ourselves if we have really done our part to know, and then answer honestly. Take the chance to allow it in. Trust God that he will work this mighty change in you. 

Once you have experienced it, you must work to preserve the hearts mighty change (http://lds.org/general-conference/2009/10/preserving-the-hearts-mighty-change?lang=eng). 

I fully believe the Restored Gospel of Christ is true. The things I have felt and experienced throughout my life can be explained in no other way.

I am very grateful for our family and that God has so greatly blessed us. I hope you are all doing well. Listen to, read, and study conference. Do not fight against the feelings telling you to apply something you learn which may require you to step out of your comfortable life and change something about it. Only in this way will you have the peace and joy God wants to give you! 

Please do not take it for granted or brush it off as nothing. I know that it will help you. It may be hard or inconvenient to learn and apply such things in the world today, but honestly when was anything worthwhile convenient or easy? I'm pretty sure never. There is always an easier wrong or more convenient no. Push past those and the mediocre rewards of such choices and take your claim on the greater more meaningful things God has for you. You will not regret it.

I hope everything is going well. Make the most of the week and look for opportunities to serve!
I love you all!
Elder Puriri

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