October 1, 2011



The week felt like it was  2 days long with all the things we had to do. I was able to go back up to Nordhausen though for a quick tausch, then we were in Nürnberg which was cool, then sadly things with Schwester Lind's baptism didnt work out. She had some family problems so we will see where things go from here. It was a good week other then that though!

Since this is the last week of the tranfser we are in erfurt again for pday to play soccer with the other elders so yep this is going to have to be a quicker email, sorry! Transfer calls come this saturday night though. I get nervous thinking about how time is going by.

Monday and tuesday last week were normal days, then that was the end of that. We had a 6 hour tausch or so with the Nordhausen Elders Wednesday. It was up to Nordhausen then back down to erfurt in the same day so we could stay the night in Erfurt. Our train left Erfurt at 5:20 with about a 20 minute walk to the train station and still needing to get tickets meant we would need to go leave the apartment by 4:45 or so. With six elders in the apartment needing to shower still and get ready for the day. That meant the first elder getting up at 2:50, showering and waking the next person up then heading out. Each had about 20 minute turns which gave us enough time. Those who got up first went back to sleep until the last couple were up. So my day started at 3:30 and I didnt get back to sleep! Then the trains ended up all being late and delayed so we were over one hour late to zone conference (our whole erfurt zone ha). Then we didnt get back to Erfurt that night until 10, then we caught our train to gotha and we were home and in bed a bit after 11:30! So it was a long tiring day. A good one though.

Friday then was a quick day which ended with President Schwartz coming to Gotha and teaching Schw. Lind with us and him talking to her. It was pretty cool teaching a lesson with the mission president, I had never experienced that before. Schwester Lind is amazing. She has such a strong testimony of the restored gospel. Her family is sadly not so excited about it. So yea we will continue to pray and wait and see what happens. 

Sunday we were at a members for lunch. They live in a village outside Gotha. As we walked to the train station we realized we had to cash or change so we tried to use our cards to buy tickets but the card reader was broken or something. So we were stranded there ha. We called our ward mission leader who came and saved us. He is this pretty old guy in the ward but is so cool. He was a cook on a ship for 25 years and went all over the world. Hes the most funny old guy. We are thinking about just spending pdays with him, it would be more entertaining than most other things. We stopped by his house earlier in the week and he told me he had a tie collection of like 300 ties. I obviously didnt believe him. So he showed me...and he does! I was in awe. He then told us to pick one out after he explained how much he loves ties. So I picked out a pretty cool one and then traded him for the one I was wearing. He is such a cool guy.

General conference is this weekend! I hope you all take the opportunity to listen and learn. In thinking about general conference and how we get the most out of it I think on what Pres. Uchtdorf said in his talk The Love of God in Oct. 2009.

''As you reach out to your Heavenly Father, as you pray to Him in the name of Christ, He will answer you. He speaks to us everywhere. As you read God’s word recorded in the scriptures, listen for His voice.During this general conference and later as you study the words spoken here, listen for His voice. As you visit the temple and attend Church meetings, listen for His voice. Listen for the voice of the Father in the bounties and beauties of nature, in the gentle whisperings of the Spirit.In your daily interactions with others, in the words of a hymn, in the laughter of a child, listen for His voice. If you listen for the voice of the Father, He will lead you on a course that will allow you to experience the pure love of Christ. As we draw near to Heavenly Father, we become more holy. And as we become more holy, we will overcome disbelief and our souls will be filled with His blessed light. As we align our lives with this supernal light, it leads us out of darkness and toward greater light. This greater light leads to the unspeakable ministerings of the Holy Spirit, and the veil between heaven and earth can become thin.''

So I invite you to apply this during general conference and pay close attention to what you feel. Then continue to apply it ever after. Consider questions you have and listen for answers with real intent. Meaning intending to act on what you feel and learn. You will then experience the process described by Pres. Uchtdorf.

I hope you all have a good week. Remember regardless of circumstances to find peace where you can build your relationship with our heavenly, as Christ demonstrates in Mark 1:35.

"And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed."
I love you all and am grateful for all you have done and do for me! 
Elder Puriri

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