June 27, 2011


This past week was a pretty surreal week. It was a good week just kind of strange. There was a zone conference and also a little meeting in Frankfurt we had as well. Some the Nürnberg and Erfurt zones have zone conference together here so the Nordhausen elders came a day early since its so far. So they came down Tuesday and we tausched with them and went off into Nürnberg. I worked with Elder Lewis who was actually trained in Nürnberg during the winter and who has now been in Nordhausen for a couple weeks. It was fun though, he knew a lot about Nürnberg that he shared with me and I was able to tell him lots about Nordhausen. 

Its so weird to think about Nordhausen now. I feel like that place was a dream. Elder Lewis told me though that Daniel and Evelyn are now preparing for the temple and have a goal to go towards the end of this year. I was so happy when we told me that! I would love to go through with them but I'm pretty sure they would go to the Freiberg temple since thats a little closer. That temple is no longer in my mission so I wouldn't be able to go with them. Thats alright though, as long as they go!

The rest of the week went by really quick after that since we had a full day of zoko stuff and then went to Frankfurt the next day and all. It was weird though because it was the Ninow's last one. A year ago we said bye to President Pimentel, now to President Ninow. I remember thinking back then how far away it still was until President Ninow would have to go and we'd get a new mission president. Its happening though this week! 

We had a really good, spiritual zone conference. They shared their testimonies and each gave a little lesson as well. I really learned a lot from them in the last year. Zone Conference was sad,  we sang God Be with You Till We Meet Again and everyone was having a tough time singing through tears. I was glad to know I was going to see them the next day too though in Frankfurt. During that smaller meeting though half way through Sister Ninow had to leave to go help their kids with something. She finished her spiritual thought after lunch, gave her testimony, gathered her stuff up and left. It was strange everyone just sitting there quietly as she packed her stuff together and walked out the door. Who knows when we'll see her again. Then as she left we all just sat there still with a blank look on our faces and President Ninow just goes ''Alright! so....'' and continued on. It was strange but at that moment I noticed as well how the Lord's church is so organized. She left, and was gone. But we didn't just sit around sad or clueless, President moved forward immediately after. I realized he is going to go to, but there will be no pause or break or sitting clueless or anything. He leaves, President Schwarz comes. Things move forward without ever being interrupted. 

It is an amazing thing how this church can continually move forward without total reliance on anyone but God. God leads this church, no man, we therefore will never pause or stop. God is Eternal, never ending. His Church will never stop moving forward either, not for a moment. It was a cool thing to see. As the meeting ended though and we said bye it was just strange. Also on the other hand strange to realize how it doesn't stop or anything. He will go but it will be as if nothing ever happened. We aren't going to all the sudden stop and be confused because President Ninow is gone. President Schwarz will be here and he will be the Lord's tool in leading this mission just as Presidnet Ninow was. The revelation to lead this mission will not stop, simply the mouthpiece through which it comes changes. It builds my testimony to see this and to know that Jesus Christ really does lead this church through worthy, reliable people who have allowed themselves to become tools in his hands. It is an exciting thing, just a bit sad that the Ninow's are now leaving.

I feel I was able to learn and develop myself to be of greater benefit for everyone else in so many ways in this last year. Many of the things I learned and experienced would not have happened had I stayed in the Berlin Mission. I do know that I am here where I am because that is how God wants it to be. I know the mission presidents I have had, have relied on God with deciding where I need to be or go. I am really grateful to them for doing this. I learned many important lessons through the things I've experienced in the last year with President Ninow and will forever think through them to further to learn and progress.

Sorry I don't really have much time today, we had to do a preach my gospel survey when we first got to the computers because President Schwarz would like it filled out so he can better gauge where to go once he gets here this week.

Things here are going well though. I really do love this time. I am really grateful for the spirit and know that we can learn so many amazing things through the spirit. The spirit opens our minds and can lay out the mysteries of God for us line upon line. This happens only as we desire and work to receive the spirit. I love learning through the spirit. It is an experience that I hope to have over and over again. One of the more sweeter experiences in life.

I hope everyone back home is doing well! Its warming up here so its probably pretty warm where your all at. Be happy! Look to help and serve. Think of others and what good you can do for them, then do it. Your worries and struggles with fade, you will receive the spirit and a true peace that comes from nothing else. Your heart will be filled and the spirit will allow you to calmy and correctly navigate through your life.
I love you all!!! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Puriri  

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