June 15, 2011


Hello hello!
Another transfer is gone and Elder Durrant and I will be staying together in Nürnberg! Pretty cool, I haven't stayed 2 transfers with a companion since Elder Gassman last August. Its cool getting lots of new companions but its also cool being able to stay 2 transfers with someone. You already know each other pretty well and you can just head right into the new transfer no worries. We have good plans and goals for the transfer though so its going to be good.
The past week was pretty cool. We taught a new young couple. Probably in their mid 20s or so. They were in America for 3 weeks and were in SLC at temple square and asked to learn more about the Book of Mormon. When they get peoples info there it gets sent to us here by text. So we just got a text with their names and address and that they wanted a Book of Mormon. We got that text a few weeks ago. The week we got it Elder Durrant and I headed out there (its in a small village outside of Nürnberg). As we got off the train and started walking there we realized we would be cutting everything really close if we tried to get to their house and back to the train and to our next appointment. So we decided we would just have to go by on them another time and headed back to Nürnberg. Then when we found time again a couple weeks later we went out there and knocked on their door. The guy opened the door and behind him I could see suitcases and clothes and other things. He got a surprised look on his face and goes ''wo...you are already here? crazy!'' then he called his wife and said ''Hey come look, the gentlemen are already here!'' Then he looked back at us with a big smile and surprised look. They explained they had been in America and hadn't even been home for an hour. They were excited to see us and asked if we could make out an appointment for another time, so we did. We thought that was cool though that we happened to show up like right when they got home. Then we had a good appointment with them, they had lots of cool questions. They are sadly really busy this week and can't meet until next week but we're excited to continue teaching them.

Then on Friday we had another cool experience. During study in the morning a member called us. He is from LA and was in Nürnberg for work and asked if we could meet later that night and give him a blessing. We went by to his hotel that night and were able to do that then he took us out to dinner. He was a really solid guy. Down to earth and had a fiery testimony. He told us of his conversion story 4 years ago and other experiences he has had with God in the last while. As often happens, we were asked to go help him and in the process we were helped a ton. I learned a lot from him and consider it a blessing we were able to meet him and have that experience. That picture is of us all again yesterday. He was heading out to Hamburg and we met him at the train station really quick to talk again and say bye.

It was a good week, now we have a busy one ahead of us with transfers and making sure everything runs smoothly with everyone getting where they need to be. It will be a crazy transfer with President Ninow going and President Schwarz coming in. The organization of the church though is truly inspired and a blessing. Its awesome to me that there are so many solid members all over doing their best to live a righteous life and spread the gospel. It motivates me more to do my part here. I'm excited for whats to come and to move forward in faith.

I hope everyone is doing well back there. Look for opportunities to improve and be better. Make it a good week and be happy!

Love you all!!
Elder Puriri

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