June 6, 2011


Hello family,
Yes mother we've heard about this weird breakout and have been advised on how to avoid getting affected. Apparently its called Shigga or something. But we are being careful don't worry. How was the trek for Asa? What are everyones plans for the summer now?

I'll probably do that application thing next week because we dont really have a lot of time right now. We had a deep clean day last week and we didn't finish in our appartment so we took pretty much all of today to finish now we have to rush through the rest of our pday activites. That's alright though because now we have a clean apartment.

Our past week was pretty good. We were supposed to go to Frankfurt last Thursday but that meeting got cancelled. Which gave us another day to work here but I was kind of sad because I was looking forward to going back to Frankfurt for a day. That's alright though I'll be there another time for one reason or another. We got a new bishop last week as well. That hasn't happened in any of the wards I've been in yet on my mission. It's kind of cool though it gives us a chance to kind of start new with the bishopric and working with the members. 

The new bishops daughter got baptized last Saturday though. It was really cool. The wife comes from England so there was family there from England and the other side of the family from the Hannover area. So I was able to talk to them about my exchange and stuff. The baptism was really cool though. We were able to have two of our investigators there who really enjoyed it. They had never seen a baptism like that and it was a really spiritual one to be at. I was really glad they could both be there. Hopefully they will both continue to progress towards baptism.

The area presidency has asked the members to do a special fast during June. They have asked them to fast for the missionary work and also asked that every member invite and bring someone with them to church each Sunday throughout the month. They can invite and bring friends or members that may not be so active. But that is the invitation or challenge from the area presidency this month. We obviously think its pretty cool. I dont know if we would have enough time to work with all the different people if each member brought somebody each week this month. We are way excited for this month though. There is always lots to do. It's also strange to think this transfer is almost done and that President Ninow will be leaving soon as well. There will be lots of changes happening in the next little while. It will be exciting though to see how everything is going to work out.

I've been studying and thinking a lot lately about how we learn and teach through the spirit. It is interesting to see that everything we do is to help us have the spirit which enables us to be better in every way. Not just as missionaries but as members of the church. The commandments are there to help us be more receptive to the spirit. Having the spirit improves all aspects of our lives and it enables us to be able to serve others better. If we think about all those things as a help and comprehend this at least a little, keeping the commandments becomes much easier. If we stop looking at things from a negative prospective and stop thinking 'don't do this` 'shouldn't do this' 'not allowed to do this' and think of it like 'do this' or 'should do this' or allowed to do this' so that I can have the spirit, being obedient becomes much easier. All commandments are spiritual, many also affect us physically as well though. 

God knows us better then we know us, he knows what will come better then we do. And he knows best how to prepare us for those things. The commandments are given to us to help us set our lives in line with the gospel, so that we may be receptive to the spirit. Being spiritually receptive changes our whole lives. As we receive the spirit, and act according to it, our life will change. Everyone will experience this as they are obedient to the commandments and to the spiritual impressions they receive. I hope we all will experience and continue to experience this as we humble ourselves and follow our perfect example, Jesus Christ.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you all for everything, enjoy the week. Look to serve, and be happy.

love you all
Elder Puriri

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