May 16, 2011


Isaac, Liang, Sam (translator), Elder Nelson
Elder Anderson
Elder Johnson
Elder Puriri
Elder Gassman
Elder Liddle

So one of the picture is from my last appointment with Liang in Frankfurt with Elder Nelson and Sam who translates for us. The other one is from this last Zone Conference. It is from left to right, Elder Anderson, Elder Johnson, me, Elder Gassman, and Elder Liddle. Elder Anderson and Elder Liddle are currently serving in Nordhausen and Elder Johnson went to Elder Gassman after I left. So thats the line back to Nordhausen since I left back in October! Pretty crazy. It was fun at Zone Conference though all sitting together and talking about Nordhausen and the different experiences we've all had there and how the work there is now going.

Anyway the week was good! We were able to get a lot accomplished. There are a lot of cool people we are teaching right now. We are teaching one who is probably around 50 yrs old or so now. But he used to be a professional soccer player. His name is Andre Doubrowski or something like that. He played in Austria and Germany for a while. I juggled with him for a little bit it was way fun. His touch is still way soft and good, I was impressed ha. We are also helping a guy named Willie prepare for baptism. He is really sincere in his desire and its cool to see how he understands the seriousness of baptism and that he wants to be totally ready. We made up a plan on a calendar for him to help him do all the things he needs to to prepare himself.

We also had a pretty cool experience at church. Right before church started these 2 girls in there early 20s walked in and sat down. We were both passing the sacrament so we couldn't go sit by or talk to them. Afterwards I went and sat a couple rows behind them with another investigator. As soon as sacrament meeting was over and I finished talking to the guy next to me the girls stood up and came over and introduced themselves. They said they were just visiting different religions seeing whats good and all and trying to clear up the rumours they've heard about different religions. So I talked to them for a bit then invited them to the gospel principles class we teach. They came and participated and it was way cool. They even decided to stay and go to Relief Society as well. We invited them to institute on Wednesday and we're hoping that they'll come! It was cool to see them there and that they participated so well in everything the whole time.  Our topic in gospel principles was repentance. It was actually a cool topic to teach with them there. And the topic in Sacrament was the Priesthood which was also perfect for them!

The restoration is such a blessing. And another witness that God loves us and is doing all he can so that we have the truth. To do what is described in John 17:3 we need the pure truth. We need continuing revelation. The restoration of the church of Christ with his authority is a necessity.  It is also quite logical if we ask the 3 questions that Elder Callister asked in Oct. 2009. ''First, does God love us as much today as He loved the people to whom He spoke in New Testament times? Second, does God have the same power today as He did then? And third, do we need Him as much today as they needed Him anciently? If the answers to those questions are yes and if God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, as the scriptures so declare, then there is little doubt: God does speak to man today exactly as Joseph Smith testified.''
I am very grateful for the Christ and the restoration of his church. I am grateful for the many blessings that are made available through the restoration of the priesthood. If we ask ourselves how our lives would be without the priesthood on the earth, we recognize what a blessing it really is. The fact that the priesthood is on the earth today and we have it in our lives has a very literal effect on us.  It enables us to help others in their journey back to our Eternal Father.

We have a good week ahead of us. We're going to be busy and its going to be tiring and lots of fun. Because thats pretty much how it always is ha. Theres lots of people to help!

I hope you are all doing good. Crazy that the school year is coming to an end already! Be productive in the summer! Use your time to help you grow and others around you.

Hope you have a good week. Be happy!
Love you all,
Elder Puriri

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