May 2, 2011

Letter #76 - Nurnberg

Hello hello!
Today begins a new transfer! Transfer calls came on Saturday, they've been doing good on getting them on time. This transfer though I will be spending in Nürnberg! With Elder Durrant. Yes I am leaving Frankfurt. Its always bitter sweet being transferred. I really love the ward here and the people we are working with. I can't even believe I've been here about 6 months. It flew by so quick and now I have to leave. I thanked the ward yesterday for everything and was able to say goodbye to many of them. We didn't have a scheduled eating appointment so as we were leaving the church the bishop's wife grabbed us and asked if we would like to come to lunch. So that was cool being able to be there one last time. I was hoping to stay here for a longer time but Nürnberg will be cool too. I'm excited for whats to come. I hope I was able to learn what I was supposed to learn here and I'm excited to move on and apply the things I've learned in this new area. I've met Elder Durrant once, we talked shortly. I don't really know anything about him though. So I'll tell you about him next week. Nürnberg is in the bayern area though! Its cool serving in all these places I never would have served in had I stayed in Berlin.
So yea because of the transfer though I have no idea how to do phone calls on Sunday. I will email you quick on Thursday with that information. New address:
Elder Puriri
90431 Nürnberg
I also did get that first package you sent and the envelope I got today. Thank you all!! I really appreciate the stuff you all do for me.
The past week was a pretty good week. Liang and Kimberly are still doing really good and they are making lots of friends in the ward which is awesome to see. We are blessed to work with lots of people who need to feel the love of God and recognize their relationship with him. Like a couple weeks ago we talked to this guy on the street. He was interested in God but thought everything we were saying and believed was a bit ridiculous. He said he would like our book so he can just see and make thoughts about it. So we met with him last week in the church. As we sat and began to talk he explained a little more about what he believed. Then we began with a prayer and Elder Nelson went right into talking about authority. That was not our plan so I was a bit confused. As he kept going it felt good. So we basically taught a short bit about apostasy and restoration and by the end the guy was very sincere and serious in reading the Book of Mormon. It was what the guy needed to hear apparently and it made him seriously consider what we were saying. He started to ask a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and said. If I am supposed to believe this man I need to know about his life; where he was born, what his childhood was like, what kind of a person he was, what he experienced and those things. I want to learn about this person and then it will be easier to understand and know if it is true. If he continues on with an open heart and mind as he studies these things there will be no doubt left in him that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration.
I am really grateful for the time I have had on my mission so far. I am grateful for the atmosphere and what is possible for us as missionaries and for the time we can fully commit to the Lord. We are here to serve and help others but we are blessed much more than we often realize from this whole thing. I am seeing the gospel from a whole different point of view now and it is changing my life. It is becoming more and more real to me. I hope to allow this to continually affect me and change me and I know it can do the same thing for every individual who will allow it. 
This last week at district meeting right before the closing prayer somebody said something about the spiritual thought and used the word spiritual thought. Then it kind of clicked to me. We use the word 'spiritual thought' quite lightly in the church. You give the assignment for somebody to give the ''spiritual thought'' or you receive the assignment to give the ''spiritual thought''. When we think about it more though we realize how important a spiritual thought is.
Spiritual thoughts would come from spiritual minds. To be spiritually minded is life eternal. Life eternal is to know the only true God and Jesus Christ. Spiritual thoughts are steps to being spiritually minded. Which helps us get to know the only true God and Jesus Christ. Which is how we can achieve eternal life. So spiritual thoughts are very important! They should help us to get to know the only true God and Jesus Christ better. They are steps to being spiritually minded. When we are spiritually minded we are focused. We understand better how God and Christ think, thereby getting to know them better. I thought this was really cool. And I thought I would share it with you, so that we remember that spiritual thoughts are more then just a simple assignment or whatever. And that we remember that there are steps to being spiritually minded, and that our spiritual thoughts help us stay focused.
Little steps help us reach the big goal! 
I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the week, be happy! Thank you all for everything.
I love you!
Elder Puriri

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