May 15, 2011


Isaac arrived in his new area the day before mothers day.  He didn't know of a computer where he could skype from so we called him on his cell phone through skype.  We looked up his address on google maps and looked at a photograph of his apartment while we talked to him.  We talked for 2 hours and then he said he needed to go so he could check on the missionaries in his zone.

This was his letter the day after mothers day...

HI family!
It was cool being able to talk to you all yesterday. Seems like everyone is doing pretty good!

I don't really have a lot to say this morning since we just barely talked...

It is cool being able to talk to you all like that though. Its like a boost. I talked to another Elder after on the phone and he told me the same thing. How he feels way boosted after talking to his family and that he wants to be a lot better and do a lot better. I felt the same way. So remember the effect you have. Thank you all for everything. I'm just going to keep this real short because I really can't think of much else and we kind of have a lot to do today. So enjoy the week and be happy!!
Love you all!
Elder Puriri

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