January 24, 2011


My familyyyyy!!
Hello everyone! I am not sick anymore! It’s so wonderful! I can do morning sport and breathe and feel good! It took a while but towards the end of the week it went away and today it feels like it’s all gone. On the not so good side though, Elder Anderson got sick half way through the week. It’s hard to avoid getting your companion sick since you are always together. He wasn't too bad though then today it’s pretty gone for both of us so we're healthy and ready to go, it’s really nice.

Also I learned how to whistle this transfer! Pretty awesome I know. I'm not the best but I'm getting better. So in a transfer or so I'll be able to whistle good. Its fun because you can whistle basically all the time! Then I can't help but start laughing because I'm so excited I can whistle and its kind of pathetic that I just learned so that’s also a part of the reason I laugh. Then the people on the street or bahn or whatever look at me weird and I ask them if they can whistle and they usually say of course. So I tell them very excitedly I just learned and they think it’s funny. So it works as a good conversation starter! Elder Anderson is a good whistler so he is helping me ha. You learn a whole lot more on a mission then just the gospel! I've learned a lot of cool random things.

Anyway I’m kind of wasting time. I don't have a lot of time today we are supposed to go meet up with our district and we're going to go do something today. So this will probably be pretty short sorry!! My love for you all is growing even if my letters are getting shorter!! This week was pretty cool though. We had 3 tausches in a row it was pretty strange. Elder Anderson and I were together for maybe 6 hours in 3 days. Its tons of fun being able to work with other missionaries though and to learn from them and see how they do things. In one of the districts there is a 'drit' as we call it. Which means trio I guess. That’s 3 elders together. Its when one elder is on his last transfer and then 2 who are in their second. So I went to the 2 younger ones and Elder Anderson worked with the older one in Frankfurt. It was so fun; they are both young and basically ran the area. They have this huge wish to work hard and do things but sometimes just don't know what to do so they have this kind of frustration feeling. It was fun to work with them though.

Right before we tausched back I was talking to the two of them and then one asked how long I had been out and I almost answered back less then year. Then I looked at the date and thought about it and realized it was 14 months to the day. It was like this overwhelming feeling all the sudden that I have been out for so long! I don't even feel like it’s been that long. Then they were both like wow you've been out a long time! I felt like I was just as young as they were. I guess that was when it actually hit me how long I've been out and how little time I have left. Not a very comforting feeling. I definitely gained a little more sense of urgency about things. To them though I'm like the old missionary! So weird. I still feel like I'm one of the younger missionaries. So weird I don't know how to explain it. Our mission is super young right now though. More then half of the missionaries here right now have been in the field less then 6 months. So yea. That’s something weird that happened. I realized how long I've been out ha.

Then on Friday I was on a tausch with one of the APs just here in Frankfurt. It’s not really like a tausch. Well yea since you’re not with your companion but both of us work in Frankfurt anyway and we’re in the same ward so we see them lots. Anyway I was with Elder Ellis and we went by on this guy who we got referred to us. I asked him how he had met the missionaries before and he said he was on a business trip in Samoa and on the plane to LA he was seated next to an Elder returning home. And the Elder talked to him throughout the flight and got his information and then it got passed to us now we're teaching him in Frankfurt, Germany! Pretty awesome huh. The guy was cool he said he'd think about it all and when we called him next he'd let us know how he feels about it. So we'll see, he seemed really cool though.

Then as we left that appointment and were headed to another one we stopped this lady on the street and talked to her about prayer and told her how much it helps us. Then we asked her about her experiences with prayer and she stood and thought for a bit then answered back really concerned and honest and said, 'I don’t know....not good experiences but not bad. I pray, or I try to remember to, but I don’t know if God hears. I don’t know if I'm good enough to have him notice of if I’m praying right' (As a missionary getting such straight honest answers like this is awesome.) We both were able to bear our testimonies on prayer and how much God loves her and knows her. The spirit was strong and she began to cry and said how she didn't feel like she was good enough to have God notice her prayers. We just talked to her about the love of God and asked her if we could meet and share with her how we have felt this. She agreed and we have an appointment this week. It was really cool though just to meet someone like that; very sincere and wanting to feel the love of God. I love being a missionary and having experiences like this!

Well we have to go. I love you all!! Thanks for everything you all do and for your examples. You all individually are a much bigger part of my motivation then you know.
Elder Puriri

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