January 11, 2011


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Hi family!

Yes mom I've heard of Ipads, there’s a few people in the ward who use them they are pretty cool looking. I remember though the first time I saw one a bit ago I was in awe. I had no idea what it was and it looked way cool how the guy was using it. I have to expect things like that on a mission though. I never hear about things like that then I’m in some meeting and the guy next to me is throwing things around on his screen and making it flip around it was cool looking. Then I pulled out my missionary planner and showed him how I organize things. Ha just kidding. That would have been funny though.
Anyway things are good! I’m pretty warm, haven't looked at shoes. Elder Ence reglued my shoe and it’s ok again! It’s ironic you ask about me being sick. Because I'm currently sick for the first time my whole mission! It’s very inconvenient. It’s not too bad. Just a cold I guess but like I said, inconvenient and annoying. It will go away though hopefully real soon.

That’s a cool story about Pres. Anderson’s great grandpa.

Story that I wrote in my email to him - Dad is the Sunday School president and conducted Sunday School. When he opened he said I would like to tell you a story of how life comes full circle. And he proceeded to say that as he sat in Sacrament meeting listening to President Anderson he realized that this Great grandfather of which he spoke is one of the missionaries who taught the gospel to Ahmu. And it is because of this missionary that our son who carries the Ahmu name is now serving as a missionary in Germany. Our family heritage has a direct connection to President Anderson! And just as his Great Grandfather carried the gospel message to Samoa, so you carry this message to the people of Germany. Years from now life will come full circle and someone will tell a similar story of connection. What a strange and wonderful concept.

Remember when we were in Salt Lake and that lady talked to us about Abinadi Olsen? How Grandpa Ahmu was named after him? I was reading a talk a few weeks ago called Reach out and Climb! from Elder Oaks. He talks about how his great grandpa was Abinadi Olsen and was called to serve in Samoa. So that was cool, he must be related to that lady who talked to us that day.

This last week was good though. We have been thinking about a lot of different ways to work with the ward members and to move the work here forward in a different way. Thinking a lot of how to change things! There is a cool feeling here and we're excited to figure out how to push the bucket and figure things out.

I read the talk from the Nov. Ensign 2009 from Pres. Uchtdorf called the Love of God. I felt like I should read it again after reading Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from this last conference about the fundamentals. He talks in the end about building key relationships. The first is with our Father in Heaven. So I thought it would be a good talk to read. Love is so important! And understanding our relationship to our Heavenly Father changes everything! When we develop that relationship and that love, everything else simply follows. We work so much on all of these other things all the time trying to improve and become better and all. But when we nourish our relationship with our heavenly father and develop that love. Other things naturally come from that because we then understand better where we came from, why we are here, and where we are headed. Then we know better what we can do to get there and because we have this love and understand this, our love for others and wanting to help them naturally grows.

So that’s a big focus for me right now; to build my relationship to my Father in Heaven and my love for him and coming closer to him through my savior. Pres. Uchtdorf gives ways how we can strengthen these relationships so I'll be using those too. I really liked the talks from this last conference. And yes mom the one from Elder Christofferson is also very good. So is the one from Elder Scott about character. I am studying those three talks all together kind of and figuring out what I need to do, because they are all very closely related - focusing on fundamentals, developing our character, and consecrating our lives.

All in all things are good. We have a lot to do here and have to be patient as we wait for the results. But it has to be started sometime. Sorry it was pretty quick today! We used the beginning of our p-day to go to the temple which was really nice. Now we have an appointment at the bishops. I hope everyone is doing good. Be happy, be positive. I love you all!

Elder Puriri

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