September 27, 2010


It has been a pretty good week! The weather this week was actually warm and sunny then Friday hit and it’s been getting colder each day ha. I'm kind of refusing to wear my winter coat in September but we'll see how long I last. I’m thinking positive and hoping that this will blow over and sun and warm will come back ha. It’s the 6th week of the transfer already, which means transfer calls on...Sunday most likely. Each transfer goes by fast, then I think that was quick, there is no way any other transfer could go quicker. But somehow they do, it is a scary thing! Time is weird on a mission!

The week was good though. We ended up doing 2 tausches so that kinda made the week seem like it went by even faster. I was with Elder Davis in Nordhausen Tuesday then with Elder Malyon in Erfurt Wednesday. Tausches are always good, you get to learn from other Elders and see how they do things. There is always so much to learn and so many ways to become better. Some times it’s kind of overwhelming, gotta stay focused and take it one at a time. We had a pretty different experience on Sunday. The Muhlesteins were in Weimar for Sunday so Elder Gassman and I were the only 2 priesthood holders there. 

I was conducting the meeting that day anyway it was kind of funny that it was just us 2. Sadly the other brothers weren't able to make it to church Sunday so it was only sisters. So I conducted and blessed the sacrament, and Elder Gassman passed and gave a talk. It felt weird doing all of that but it was good. Before I came to Nordhausen I had never thought about being in a branch presidency and before yesterday I never thought being the presiding authority at a meeting. It was pretty funny.

It was a very good Sunday meeting though. It was actually kind of humbling to be able to do all that. Like Joseph Smith would often say and many others how they are our humble servants, I never really got that. Then yesterday I kind of understood that a little better. We are given Gods authority so that we can serve others better. I was thinking about it during church and it’s not like 'check out Elder Gassman and Me, we're presiding, without us you guys couldn't
have church'. I stood up to begin the meeting and felt suddenly a very humbling feeling, almost inadequate. Everyone was kind of looking at me funny because it took me a little to begin speaking. But I realized as I stood up and looked at them that I had the opportunity to be their servant that day, and what a blessing that is. I've continued to think about that and the opportunity I have daily to serve. As Eric kept talking about, how great is my calling. It is a very humbling calling and to fulfill it completely I do need help.

It’s just such a cool thing though. The Gospel is built around love, charity, and service. I was able to learn even more about that yesterday and am very grateful for that. The purpose of all the things we have and the priesthood and ordinances and things are all there so that we can better serve people. Its like we can do a little, but then with the things God has given us we become like super helpers. We can accomplish so much more. 

The gospel is a blessing, and can bless our lives. When we however forget ourselves, we can bless others so much more. Then it becomes easier and easier to forget ourselves because we are realizing the true meaning of happiness. We feel this real meaning of happiness as we live the gospel and serve others. As we do things that are pleasing to God. Our desire for this happiness is a motivation to do all we can to have it. When we feel it we obviously want others to experience the same happiness, which is our motivation to share the gospel. The word happy now has a new meaning to me. It’s not just how I feel in that moment. Happy is an eternal thing. Things could be going wrong at some moment and things not working out, it could be a tough day, but you can still be happy! Happy is a deeper feeling then just how we feel right in that moment. Keeping an eternal perspective is

The Gospel is amazing. Br. Löhrman in annaberg used to always say ''Das Evangelium is einfach wunderbar, und wunderbar einfach!'' The Gospel is simply wonderful, and wonderfully simple! Very true. There are still though many many things to learn! 

Well I hope everyone is doing good. Hope you’re all excited for conference!! I've never been so excited for it my whole life ha, I feel like it’s gonna be like Christmas. All the talks are like presents and they will be slowly opened throughout the weekend! Its gonna be good. I love you all very much. Have a good week and be HAPPY!
Elder Puriri

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