September 6, 2010


Feels weird I emailed last Thursday night then again today. That came fast. I haven't gotten Aunt Moana's package yet. I don’t know how long packages take but if she sent it I’m sure it will get here. I already told you a lot about last week and what happened. It was good though. I've had some time to organize my thoughts and am still learning from last week. We had a pretty cool experience last night though.

So back in...May with Elder Kearl. I told you about this like Polish/German Lady we talked to. Just to refresh though. We were walking out to go by on another lady and decided to take this other street that would also take us there that we hadn't gone down very often. While we were going down this street this lady was out in her yard so we talked to her and ended up talking to her for about 30 minutes over the fence. Her 2 daughters even came over by the fence and sat on the stairs and listened to our conversation. In the end she said she sees us a lot in the area and next time we run in to each other we could talk. So for the next few weeks we would try by but never seemed to be there. Elder Loynes and I tried a bit but then eventually I kind of just forgot about them. 

Then last week as I were sitting in Friedrichsdorf taking notes this thought just
came into my mind that we should try by on that Lady again. I was kind of surprised since I hadn't thought about them in a while and that that thought came out of no where. So I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. 

Saturday night we were planning and planned to go by Sunday night. We prayed that we would be blessed to find them at home and that we would have the opportunity to give them a Book of Mormon and teach them. As we headed out in that direction Sunday night I felt good and was sure we'd be able to find them there. As we turned the corner to the street we saw her car out in front of her house that was a good sign ha. I wasn't sure what I was going to say since we had only talked once and that once was 3 months ago. I said a quick prayer and still felt a little worried. Then I figured whatever I'll just ring and I'll be able to say the right thing. So that’s basically what happened! I rang and she came to the door and was actually way excited to see us. I just asked if she remembered us and that last time we mentioned that we wanted to bring a book by. She said well why you don’t come in! Those are nice words to hear as missionaries ha. So we went in and sat down with her at the table. I pulled out the Book of Mormon in Polish and German and handed her both and told her we were going to explain a little bit more about them. Then the daughter was coming down the stairs to do something and she ended up standing there for like 10 minutes just listening. Then she left and then on the way back upstairs she stopped again and ended up standing there for the whole thing. She even started asking questions as well. They were both way cool. Very down to earth and the lesson was very just like natural. It was really one of the coolest lessons. We were able to be very down to earth and just explain things very openly and they were both paying attention and had good questions. The Mom even promised to read the book before we even asked her which was sweet. We're going back next Sunday so that will be good. 

It wasn't just some random thing though that I thought of them during that meeting. And that everything worked out perfect so that we could meet with them. God knows when people are ready and if we are listening we will know too. He definitely guides us when we are ready to listen and to act. The spirit plays the biggest role. The song 'Let the Holy Spirit Guide' or however it is has been stuck in my head the last few days. It is so important though. The spirit down so many things, we just have to be receptive and willing to listen. Which also includes being humble and recognizing that we cannot accomplish this alone. We are dependent on the spirit and the Lords guidance in all aspects of life. I don’t really understand it all yet and so I can't explain it all either. But that’s why we're here, to learn and grow. But we can't become what God expects from us without the help from the Holy Ghost. Mosiah 3:19. We need to listen to know how we can accomplish this.

Sorry this is a bit short. Elder Gassmans finished and waiting and we are going to go see if we can play a little soccer. I love you all so much though. I hope you’re all doing good. Find real happiness in the gospel!
Elder Puriri

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