September 13, 2010


I'm doing good mom! Looks like last weekend was lots of fun. I haven't gotten that package yet. If she sent it to the mission office then I will get it tomorrow probably. We are going down to Nuernberg today and have a zone conference thing there tomorrow and they will bring all the mail from the office. But yea this last week was pretty good! We had lots of time to find and it went pretty good! Things were going a little slower then Wednesday we had a good day and met 4 cool people and were able to set up appointments with them.

We had a really cool experience with a family here in the ward. The Schoepp family who just joined the church this year. Evelyn had a baby back in march and the doctors had said that he might have water on his brain and some other problems that I'm not quite sure how to translate and put in English. So of course the Schoepps were a little worried. We went by last week and read with them Elder Oaks talk about priesthood blessings and talked to them about it and then asked if they would like us to give one to Jonathan(their baby). It was a really cool experience. Before we went in I asked Elder Gassman if he would give the blessing, I just felt like it would be good if he did it. He hadn't given a blessing yet but he said he'd do it. I thought back on when I gave a blessing for the first time and in German and how nervous I was so I could relate to how he was feeling. As we gave the blessing though a very calming feeling came over the room. It kind of felt like a warm blanket that came down on all of us. It was already quiet since we were giving a blessing but in this moment it seemed to somehow get even more quiet. As we said amen we all felt really good. And Evelyn then picked up Jonathan and said If its the Lord's will you will be just fine. It was such a cool thing. Of course she wants him to be fine but she understood the biggest part and said it would be according to the Lord's will. So we continued to pray for Jonathan and then we called them up a few days ago to see how it went at the doctors and Evelyn said "The doctors checked again and said they must have seen wrong because there is no water on his brain". It was such a blessing and a few days later we visited them again and were blessed to be able to hear Daniel and Evelyn bear testimony of the power of God and his blessings. 

It is such a blessing that we know that God, our heavenly father, is there and honestly loves every one of us. His power is real, his blessings are real. As we so often hear, he is a God of miracles. The blessings and miracles we see will never cease as long as our faith is there. I read Mormon 9 this morning and he talks a lot about him being a God of miracles and what that actually means. His blessings and gifts are there, we just have to exercise faith and do our part and he will give them to us. I am grateful for this knowledge. And I am grateful for the gospel, that it is real, and not just some comforting thing we made up to help us through life. It is very real, and we see that as we test it. As we keep the commandments and receive the blessings, and as we exercise faith. I hope you all will continue to test it, to push forward and trust in God. Blessings really will follow, I promise you that. I love you all so much. As always, look for the good! You’re all in my prayers.
Elder Puriri

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