April 19, 2010


This past week went by fast! I'm already sitting here emailing you again ha. It was a good week though, last week of transfer 3. Pretty crazy. In this transfer I had 2 companions and 2 areas, that’s not really normal. But it was fun! We got transfer calls on Saturday night. Elder Mason is being transfered to Chemnitz and Elder Kearl is coming to Nordhausen to be my new companion. Elder Kearl is from a small town in northern Utah I don't really remember the name. This is his last transfer of his mission though. Six more weeks and he's gone! Thats pretty weird to me, I'll be his last companion. I'm excited to help make his last transfer his best yet, it will definitely be good. Since he will be finishing this transfer though it looks like I'll stay the next transfer as well. If that happens then I will be going to the Frankfurt mission. Seems very likely now but we'll see. This mission work goes according to God's will and whatever happens is how it’s supposed to go. I'm ok with whatever happens now. It helped when Elder Rasband said that in General Conference; ''I had a further witness that morning that every missionary called in this Church, and assigned or reassigned to a particular mission, is called by revelation from the Lord God Almighty...''. When he specifically said 'reassigned' I was like oh...well alright then. So yea, we'll see what happens!

The past 3 weeks in Nordhausen we have been teaching a family whose Father was recently baptized just before I came here. We have been teaching him and his wife still and his wife is totally ready for baptism! When we taught them this last week the spirit was so strong. We would read a little bit in the Book of Mormon and talk about it then keep reading. They always had to much to say though and I could see and feel how much they love the gospel. It was my first time meeting Evelyn (the wife) because she has been out of town until now, and it was only my second time teaching Daniel (recently baptized father). Everything was so comfortable though and it felt like I have known them for a long time. As we all bore testimony of the Gospel the spirit was so strong it was awesome. We are meeting with them again tonight and are going to talk to Evelyn about baptism. I'm way excited to meet with them again. They came to church yesterday with they're 2 little girls and new born baby boy. When it was over and time to go the 2 girls didn't want to leave the church. They kept asking if they could just stay there, then as they left they weren't too happy and wouldn't talk to anyone ha. It was cool to see even the little girls can feel the spirit there and want to stay there. 

Saturday we spent most of the day just going by on old contacts trying to see if anyone still had interest in the Gospel. After about 4 hours it was getting slightly...I don't want to say boring but yea. Then it was about time to head home and we had one more we wanted to go by on and were thinking maybe just wait and lets just head home. We decided though to just to go across town and go by on this last contact we had picked out before we went home. When we got there the look on his face was like he was expecting us. No surprise that we were there or anything, just like 'oh good your here'. We introduced ourselves and he said 'yea I know how you guys are, I used to meet with missionaries about a year ago but then they just stopped coming'. We talked for a little at his door and he invited us to come back this week! Pretty funny how that works out. All day long no success, decided to do one more, and its the guy who has been waiting for you all day! Miracles happen every single day its amazing. I've been keeping a miracle book since I got into the mission, along with my journal. The miracle book though I just write about something that stood out to me that day, a little miracle or something. It's pretty cool being able to look back and read about all the miracles. It's also helped me to notice God's hand more and more in everyday life.

Things here are all going good! It’s been sunny and warm for the last 3 days! It’s so nice. Hopefully it will just continue to warm up. The beginning of a new transfer is always pretty cool. Six weeks ahead of me to do missionary work!

I hope everyone back home is doing good. Be positive and be happy! Don't take the Gospel or the Book of Mormon for granted! It’s too important and the blessings and too priceless. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything, have a good week!

Elder Puriri

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