April 12, 2010


Hello hello,
This last week was pretty cool! I like being in a new city and seeing new things, not really knowing my way perfectly around the town. It’s pretty crazy to think this transfer ends this week. On Saturday we get transfer calls and its very likely that Elder Mason will be leaving the area so I may be getting a new companion. In one transfer I had 2 different companions ha and maybe both only 3 weeks. We'll see what happens on Saturday though.

This week was full of lots of finding and doing doors throughout the city. Its fun talking to people and seeing all the different reactions you get, and of course its always the best when they want to find out more! Which happened a few times this week and we were able to make out some appointments. I was on a tausch (split or something, I don’t know what to call it in English) in Weimar with Elder Webb who is in his first transfer. It was pretty fun. We met a lot of cool people on the street. We talked to this guy from Ireland for a while who knew a ton about the church it was cool. He was only here visiting his girlfriend but it was cool to talk to him, plus his accent was sweet. Then we were on our way home and had to walk across town to get home. It was about 8:00 or so then we ran into these 2 guys from Holland. We ended up talking to them for about 45 minutes. We were speaking German for a while then they
asked where we came from then they were like 'Why aren't you speaking English then! That’s so much easier for us!' So the rest of our conversation was in English. It was weird I can't do Gospel talk in English anymore I don't know how to form all the sentences correctly but it was still good. We talked for so long and covered so many gospel points. It was a way interesting conversation then they asked if there were people like us in Holland and we told them how
they can get a hold of them. So hopefully something will come of it!

General Conference was amazing! I learned so much, I wish we had that all the time. I can't really tell you what my favorite talk was right now because I loved them all and will have to study my notes and read them more when we get the Liahona.
I know I say time is flying by a lot, and for me it is. And for me that’s not good...but yea when I think about it I can see how it can seem like longer for you guys. But it’s ok! Remember President Uchtdorfs talk all about patience. It was so good. Patience is a virtue of the Gods. Pretty cool! I bore my testimony yesterday in church and talked a lot about missionary work trying to get the members excited to help us and realized I don't really want this to be over for a long time ha. I said I know I still have a long time left but even that seems short, then I said I didn't feel like going home. Then I heard one of the members say 'What would his mom say if she heard that' then I got this email from you this morning ha. Don't worry though, I'll come home when the two years are over.
Well I'm being rushed by to finish this so we can catch a train to Jena so, I love you all! Sorry this is kind of short. Be happy and have a good week!!
Elder Puriri

ps. here are pictures of my desk!


duane w said...

I love it how you say that you find discussing the gospel in English challenging. It shows that you are immersing yourself in the language.


Laninina said...

And only after a short 6 months. He loves what he is doing and that makes it okay that he is not home for his birthday.