January 4, 2010


I hope everyone had a good new years! Ours was pretty good. We had to be homeat 6 on the 31st just as a safety precaution. Apparently missionaries get fireworks thrown at them and the people are pretty unpredictable with their alcohol and it being new years and all. So we got home early and wrote some letters and got to bed early that night. Then we were woken up at midnight by all the fireworks going off, it was pretty cool though. All in all though this last week was good. We had a lot of appointments scheduled that didn't work out so we ended up just doing doors and finding people on the streets most the time. Its fun doing doors though, people have to come to the door and open it and talk to you. They cant just walk away, although they can shut their door on you. Which does happen sometimes but its ok. The first day we did doors we made two appointments out back to back it was awesome. I think they might have felt bad for us because it was cold, dark, and snowing pretty hard but I thought it was fun ha. We taught these two ladies this week who apparently have been investigators for over like 5 years. We taught one about prayer and asked her to read Enos, we told her we were going to ask her about it on Monday(later today!) and see what her experiences were. When we taught the other one, we taught the atonement. What Christ did for us, why he did it, what it means, and then our part that we have to do as well. We hit the atonement really hard and the spirit was there so strong. John 16:33 alone is such a powerful verse. When we really realize what he has done, our love for him grows so much. It also makes us want to make sure other people know what he did. Its such a profound thing that was done for us out of pure love, when we talk about it and testify of it the spirit is always there. It was the first lesson Elder Killpack and I taught together where everything just flowed. I was able to teach and say whatever I wanted and so was he. It was the first lesson I've taught where I felt like I was helping and doing my part. It felt so good. It was something she needed to hear I think and Elder Killpack and I were able to teach it by the spirit.

Being out here on a mission is a crazy to think about. I have two whole years to commit completely to the teaching the gospel. I spend all day everyday reading the scriptures, planning lessons, finding people, and sharing my testimony, it’s the best feeling! I don’t have to worry about anything else except for 'how can I help this person come unto Christ'. Focusing on this helps me come unto Christ and my relationship with him grows every day and for that I am really grateful. Everyday I read something in the scriptures that amazes me, renews my spiritual strength, and my desire to share this with other people. I'm about 1 1/2 months into my mission. This means I still have like 22 months to do this! I'm excited to see what’s going to fill these 22 months.

Everything is going good, its been snowing a lot lately which adds more to the whole 'narnia' look of this area its pretty cool. Elder Killpack and I are learning a lot and having fun. Other then walking around in the cold most the day, everything is awesome. I hope you are all doing good. Have a good week and be happy! I love you all so much
Elder Puriri

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