January 11, 2010


Hi Family!
Yes I'm getting your letters! They are the best thing to get, emails are cool but the hand written letters are sweet. The letters you sent on the 30th I got on the 6th, so it took about 7 days. Not too bad. I'll write everyone back today if I can. I only ever really have time to write on Mondays. Bob (Marley) always has the answers! I miss not being able to listen to him. An elder from Spain in my district in the MTC loved him too and he would always sing the redemption song ha. He's the only other elder I've met so far that knows Bobs stuff.
I'm glad Ammon and James are still doing stuff together though. Has James been around much? I've never had to really shop for my own groceries before, its weird! I go Monday, buy a bunch of food, take it all home...and eat half of it right then! Then I realize I definitely didn't buy enough, it happens every week! Except I hate spending a bunch of money on groceries so I'm gonna have to learn to not eat as much or something ha.

Anyway, this last week was way good! Tuesday we did splits so Elder Killpack went to Dresden and Elder Clawson (serving in Dresden right now) came to Schwarzenberg. Elder Clawson and I got a lot done and it was cool to see his different style talking to people compared to Elder Killpacks. They both have their own styles and both work pretty well, and I can see what I like, use that, and then add my own stuff to it. The splits are definitely good. Wednesday afternoon we switched back and went on with our regular routine.
There was already lots of snow, then a storm hit like that night or something and its been snowing since. So it’s been hard to go out and walk around the streets to find people because nobody wants to talk. Everyone just wants to get back home and out of the cold.

So things were a little slower the last week but we're finding stuff to do. Like shoveling ha. I don't even remember the last time I shoveled snow but I've been doing it every day lately. Elder Killpack keeps saying we're on a service mission now, put away your Book of Mormon and get out your shovel ha. Driving around in the snow is pretty adventurous too, we're definitely blessed. We drive around a lot because of the two cities we work in, and we always get where we're going safely.

Yesterday we were in Annaberg for church, we switch between the cities each week. Then we had lunch with the bishop and his family after. The members in these wards are amazing, they are all like big pioneers, and the bishop loves missionaries. Most the time we talked about his history in the church and then the missionary work going on right now. Coming out of the lunch appointment yesterday I had like a fresh new desire to help the ward grow. I'm grateful I got to start out in this area with these two awesome wards.
This week during study I read an awesome scripture, Alma 31:5. It’s when Alma is getting ready to go teach the Zoramites if I remember right. That scripture tells us how powerful the gospel is though and what it leads men to do. It’s so true, knowing the gospel and living it will always lead you to do what is right. It is more powerful than any other thing. Every single day I read things that are incredible. I used to think people were crazy for reading the scriptures all the time, now I'm one of those crazy people. I love it though, my favorite time is study time in the morning when I can just read all I want. I learn so much everyday I just hope I can retain at least half of it.

Everything has been going good. This week we have Zone Conference in Dresden, and then we might do a split with the Elders in Freiberg. Elder Taylor is in Freiberg right now so maybe I'll do splits with him, that'd be pretty cool. This is the fifth week of the transfer, so one more week after this and this ones over! It flew by. Elder Killpack is pretty sure neither of us is getting transferred so we'll probably still be together in this area which is pretty sweet. I'm excited to be able to share my testimony and love for this gospel with people every single day. All the snow I think makes it a little warmer which is always good.

Everything is going good! I hope everyone is good and happy! Have a good week. I love you!
Elder Puriri

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