August 15, 2011


Dear Family,
We had a very busy past week! I think back and feel like the things that happened at the beginning of last week were like months ago. We had a day in Frankfurt, then 2 austausches and the week went quick. As we sat down to plan for this week last saturday we didn't know what happened. We had done our weekly planning exactly a week ago but as we sat down to do it again it was like someone had fast forwarded through our week to our next weekly planning. It was a good week with cool things.

Our day in Frankfrut was good. I always love going back there. When I get out of the train there I feel comfortable like at home. Sadly our meetings are usually in Offenbach, smaller city right next to Frankfurt. So we have to catch another train over there. It was a good meeting though. We heard a lot from President Schwartz about what he wants to focus on right now and how we can best move forward. We heard the plans of the other zones right now and all that is going on. Its a good time to take everything then assess how things will go best in your area. At the end there is always a bit of time for people to share their thoughts they had been having or testimonies or experiences. They said ok we now have about 25  or 30 minutes to do that. So that began and ended up taking over an hour. Its always really cool though to just hear the other Elders experiences and testimonies. You learn a lot from their experiences. A few of the Elders are going home at the end of the transfer so its always cool to hear what they have to say. It was a good meeting.

I tausched with Elder Palfreyman from Arizona last week. I think Allison wrote me forever ago and said she was in his ward or something I'm not sure. It was cool though. We then tausched with the Elders in Bamberg. I worked in Bamberg with Elder Liddle. He was trained in Nordhausen by Elder Anderson (my current comp). So it was cool to talk a bit about Nordhausen. 

Bamberg has a military base and we went there that day with a member to visit some other members there. It was strange being there it was like a little America. They had like movie theaters and American restaurants and everyone is speaking English. We met some cool people though. We parked the car and got out to go by on a Sister and as we got out a car pulling out of a parking lot stopped and a lady in the passenger seat asked who we were looking for. Before we could answer she asked if we were looking for her. We asked her what her name was and it turns out we were not. So we asked why we would be looking for her and she said ''because I am a member....I just haven't been in a while''. She wasn't even on the ward list but we got her info and she said the Elders could go by another time. She laughed as we walked away and said ''my mother would cry if she knew I was going back to church''. It was pretty cool. A blessing and answer to I'm sure many prayers to run into that sister like that. It was cool to be around the military people though. Most the people walking around in the uniforms and all. I had a big sense of respect for them that they willingly do that. I said thank you to one of them for his service. I think it caught him off guard. Maybe they don't get thanked enough or something.

Elder Anderson and I went by on a kid who used to meet with the Elders. His family friendly welcomed us in. As we sat and talked with him his brother brought in drinks for us and asked if we wanted food. We told them we didn't have much time so that it was ok. Then his Mom came in like 10 minutes later with sandwiches for us. Then 10 minutes later his grandma came in with lots of spaghetti for us. So basically we were eating the whole time and missed our train and had to catch a bus. Then we went back another time and told them we had little time and had to make our train in 40 minutes. In less then 15 minutes they were walking in with big bowels of soup and lots of food. We ate as quick and we could while still trying to teach. Said a quick prayer and as soon as the door closed we sprinted off to catch our train. We turned a good 8 minute walk into a 2 minute sprint and got there as the train pulled up. Needless to say were both dying having just stuffed ourselves as quickly as possible and then sprinting so far. They are way cool though. The kid is 20 and has good questions. At the end of our second appointment the mother came in and closed the door behind her and waited for us to finish our thing then as we looked at her she had a stern expression and let loose with heart felt questions about lifes problems and struggles and expected answers from us right there. We were sadly in a rush and wrote down her questions and said we could talk about them next time. It was interesting though how she just came in with real worries and questions and let it all out. That seems to happen to missionaries a lot that people do that. Even out of the street when you have been talking to a person for 2 mintues. They immediately open up and trust you and tell you all their worries, concerns, and ask how we could help. We naturally cannot do much as 2 young men. But our message however can and will change them if they allow it.

It was a good week. Still giving thought to our familys experience when I have time. Considering what happened, what we have learned so far. Or what I have learned I guess since I'm not sure what you all are learning. From what I read though seems like we are all on similar waves. I read a really cool talk this morning. Elder Scott talks about our potential and the potential of the youth right now. Everyone in the world is experiencing their own hardships and difficulties. Everyone has to decide how they will take them on and go about with them. Many are unsure about how to do it, what will come, and other things. Elder Scott says ''When you push against the boundaries of experience into the twilight of the unknown, the Lord will strengthen you. The beauty of your eternal soul will begin to unfold''. As we move forward we learn much about ourselves and those around us. We learn about our Savior and about our Heavenly father. Grasping better and better our true potential and what must be done to reach it. Like he said, the beauty of our eternal souls begins to unfold to us.

From the looks of things, it seems like Ammon is doing better. Many are praying for him and his recovery. I feel how Ammon has handled it so far has blessed many lives. This experience will bless him and others as we move forward.

Sorry this was a bit rushed. It seems the other Elders wait on me lately for to finish emails. I have a hard time rushing through though.

I love you all though and I hope things continue to improve this week. You are all in my prayers each night.
Elder Puriri

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