August 8, 2011


The past week went quickly past. We were busy here with the 4 elders and getting things going. We also had a tausch and other stuff with the ward going on. It was a good week though. Started our Tuesday by heading up to Bamberg for a district meeting then right after that one getting on another train to Schweinfurt for another district meeting. Then we hurried to get our train back to Nürnberg so we could go to our Ward Mission Leaders house to meet with him. We missed our train though. So we figured out the best way to get there next and had to wait a bit.

During this day travelling the whole time at one point we looked at our planners to see what was next and realized we hadn't planned in any time to eat. So as we were going from place to place we just bought a quick bratwurst and a roll and ate that as we walked as fast as we could for like 20 minutes from the train station to the district meeting. It was a busy day. We realized we were most likely going to miss the train from Nürnberg to our GMLs house. oh gml means gemeindemissionsleiter...which means ward mission leader. From Nürnberg main train station we had to catch a subway to another train station and from there get the train to our gmls house. We saw on the plan we would pull into Nürnberg main station at 5:20 and our train left the other train station at 5:27. The subway ride takes 7 minutes. The subway comes from the main station every 4 minutes. So we were hoping we would get to the main station a bit early then we would run to the subway and hopefully by some miracle make it in time. So as soon as the train pulled in and the doors opened we took off running down the stairs, down the tunnel, through the station and down to the subway. It was a quick run. (I always like to think of it from the other peoples view of us. They just see 2 guys in suits and with bags or backpacks running as fast as they can through some busy train station. it has to be pretty funny.) We made the subway quick and then rain to the next train and still missed it ha. So lots of running that didn't really accomplish much. We had to wait 30 minutes for the next train but it was ok. The other Elders made the earlier train then they all had to wait on us. So we had an eventful Tuesday which made the rest of our week fly by.

We tausched with the Regensburg Elders and they are about an hour and a half train ride there, then the same back. So I was thinking of what I should do on the train since it would be early and we would miss study time. I decided I was going to follow Hamiltons example and learn the Articles of Faith, except in german. So I grabbed a small card with them on there and learned them! On the train ride back I told Elder Mayle who I was on tausch with what I was doing. He said he wanted to try too. So I gave him an extra card I grabbed. In the one direction he learned 1-9! I was pretty impressed. I was able to learn all of them before we got back to Nürnberg. I felt pretty good about it since the last time I knew them I was like 11 and still didn't really know them. I'm excited though, now I can use them more often in teaching situations and stuff.

It was fun working with Elder Mayle though. He was trained about a year ago by Elder Anderson (my comp in Frankfurt) so it was cool to be able to talk about him and what we both learned from him. I've been blessed with lots of good companions. Elder Anderson, my comp right now, is way solid. He's pretty young on his mission but I feel like he's farther ahead then I am. Its cool to have the 3 other Elders in the apartment. None of them have been out a year yet, but they are all way good missionaries. I always feel weird though whenever its pointed out how long I've been out. Its so hard to comprehend. I almost starting like hyperventilating the other night when I realized how little time I have left. I sat on my bed before praying and going to sleep and just thought for a bit then realized how quickly it will come and almost couldn't breathe. I had to get rid of that thought really quick because my mind couldn't handle it. I think I'll maybe just live in denial about that for the next while.

I was able to see the pictures on the gmail thing. I was amazed to see ammon doing so much! That is so cool. Thats also awesome that that family in the ward visited Ammon to lift him up a bit. This week I talked to President Schwartz a few times about different things. Each time we talked he would open up the blog and read to me the newest stuff on there. He is an amazing man. I also got a few calls from different people during the week asking about Ammon and telling me they were praying for him. From the senior missionaries in the mission office to President Schwartz's son who lives in a neighboring ward to Nürnberg. The Elders in the apartment continue to mention Ammon and the family in their prayers. I have been filled with a feeling of deep gratitude and love for all of these people. They sincerely care. The love that is surrounding this and the power that comes through prayer is something I have been blessed to feel often this last week. It has been hard to express my gratitude to these people. I am thankful for the family we have within the gospel. Many of our brothers and sisters here are praying for their brother Ammon there. The sincere concern and prayers for Ammon truly will have their effect. Our family is being blessed through this experience. We have the opportunity to learn a lot as a family and Ammon has the opportunity to learn a lot for himself. This event, when taken on correctly, will work for his good. ''And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God...'' Romans 8:28. He will be able to say he is grateful for the experience.

I love you all very much. Things will continue to move forward. When setback comes, it is an opportunity to become stronger. It is an opportunity to smile, be grateful, and handle it with faith. It is on the other hand an opportunity to really be a setback, to slow us down, and pull us down. We choose the effective they have. Pres. Monson said Choose your love and love your choice. When we think about what we truly love, what our spirits love; it is our family, light, warmth. As we choose these things our love for them grows. As we choose and experience them together, our bond to one another is eternally strengthened. Let us especially in this time choose to handle things with a smile, gratitude, and faith. That we all may be drawn closer together. To our Heavenly Father, and inevitably to each other. Have a good week!!
Elder Puriri

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