February 22, 2011


Hello hello,
I'm writing again already! How did Ammon’s lesson go?? The dreads looked pretty good ha. How long can he keep them? It’s a good thing p-day isn't always this close together because its weird to be writing again so quick! Between Thursday and today it was a good 4 days! Not everything went good but the goods overcome the bad for sure.

On Friday we had a tausch with the elders in Hanau. I was with Elder Romriell in Frankfurt. He has been out now like 2 weeks! It was a fun tausch though. Our first appointment was this interview thing I had. A week or 2 ago a girl came to the church Monday night for the YSA fhe. She is a student at the University here studying psychology and they are supposed to be practicing interviews and stuff. Her main area is religion. So she found out about that activity and decided she wanted to interview 'mormons' and find out more about them. On the day she was there she was just standing there with her friend and I didn't know them so I went up and introduced myself and then at the end she asked if she could do an interview so we scheduled it for this last Friday. It was interesting though. It started with her asking me just to go through my life basically telling about important things that have happened that have played a part in shaping me into who I am today. So I took the opportunity to talk a lot about my family and the gospel and was able to bear lots of testimony! Then at the end she would go back on certain points and ask more questions about them. She had a little recorder and recorded it all then when it was done and she shut it off she began asking questions about the church and all. It was cool we were able to talk more about what we believe and she said she wanted to keep coming to the activities and to learn more about the church. Towards the end I asked if she had any more questions, then she sat there quietly for a second and said ''so, say somebody wants to convert to your church, but their life style is not the same as your guys's, do you accept them? Is that allowed?'' it was 'hypothetical' but we say through it ha. We talked more about why we are here as missionaries and what we do. Then we made out an appointment for later this week and we'll see! I feel good about it though and she seems like she’s sincere. It will be cool!

Then that night we went by on one of the Romanian families. The other one couldn't meet. The family we met with though was family Stancu. Only the Father was there this time but it was really good. It was weird though because the first time we met him he looked really really familiar to me. It was bugging me the whole time because I couldn't figure out where I knew him from. So during the days between our appointments I tried to think back on it but I couldn't remember. Then during that appointment the whole time I was thinking and couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar. So I gave up trying to remember but I could swear I knew him! So anyway the appointment went good. We taught the first lesson about the restoration and at the end emphasized the Book of Mormon. He said ''I need to first study this book, and the bible. Then I need to make out my thoughts about it, then I can pray about it and see if what I figured out was right, then God will tell me. If I don't study it, it won't work.'' It was sweet we just agreed and said yep you’re right! Usually we teach that but he said it first.

As we ended with a prayer and stood up he looked at me and said ''you know what. For some reason you look very familiar to me... I don't know where but I know we have met before.'' as he said that I was a little surprised and told him I felt the same way and explained to him I was trying to figure that out the whole time! I was thinking maybe I had just talked to him on the street somewhere. Then he said ''No...I know you. You and your companion who you came with last time (elder Amandoron). You have been in my house before, we have met before. We sat together and talked about God.'' I assured him that that wasn't possible and that I've been here since November and Elder Amandoron since....2 weeks. Here was very serious and had a confused look trying to figure out how it was possible. We never came to a conclusion. It is strange though! I could have sworn I had met him.

As we sat and talked during the first appointment I felt like I was having weird flash backs. Like I had some time before sat and looked at him and talked with him. Like I had sat at that same angle from him and seen him just how we were there, but like it was a long time ago. Then during the second appointment I was having the same weird flashbacks. But I wasn't like flashing back to anything; there was nothing solid to flash back to. Just like this pulling in my mind trying to remember when. It is hard to explain. I was very surprised when he said that I looked familiar to him though. I thought I was maybe just confusing him with someone else (which I had already considered and tried to figure out who I was confusing him with). When he said it though I didn't feel as crazy as I thought I was. It’s interesting though. As we left he said you can come back whenever you want. He is a cool guy and has a good family. I'm excited to continue to work with them.

The other Romanian family we weren't able to meet with during the week. The father however, came to church on Sunday by himself. I think just to check it out and all. He seemed to really enjoy it and participated in all the classes answering questions and all. It was good. At the end he also asked us to come again this week whenever we have time. We haven't given him his Book of Mormon in Romanian yet so that’s probably what we'll be doing. He is super advanced in his gospel knowledge though. He's only 27 and knows so much and has lots of good ideas. I am very grateful we were able to find them and that we have the opportunity to work more with them.

Then yesterday in the train on the way to an appointment I was spoken to by some random guy. Happens quite often as a mission but this one was strange. I was standing with a group of people around the doors because it was pretty full. There are big sliding doors on both sides. I was leaning on one side and had a clear view to the doors across from me. Threw the people I could see this man. He had gotten in the train right after me and asked somebody in German where the train was going then said thank you in French when they told him. As far as I could tell his German sounded German then the French ‘merci’ threw me off a little. I didn't think a lot about it though. Then as we were driving I looked up at him and he smiled and said (in perfect English, you could tell it wasn't his native tongue but it was almost without accent) ''Hi elder, what are you doing in Europe?'' It was weird because the train was loud but it was like I could only hear him suddenly. I was confused and said ''...serving a mission.'' Then he said “you’re on a mission saving peoples lives. You know Elder, America was the land where religious freedom was. It’s not a coincidence that it happened there. The only way we can spread this is by taking action. You are taking action. You are doing something.'' Then the train stopped and he said ''I have to get out here. Remember this though, I love you brother!'' Then he got out and disappeared into the crowd. Then all the sudden he was back at the doors and said ''Elder! Remember, there is only one truth in every matter! I love you!' Then he disappeared again. He had only gone one stop. During this time I was in awe for some reason. I think I was just really confused about what was happening. Why I could hear him so well and why he was speaking to me in English and also about the restored gospel. I said nothing during the conversation. It began, it ended, and he was gone. Super weird but it had a strange effect on me.

So many things happen on a mission!! So many things to learn to figure out. I love it all though. Were going to play soccer so I don’t have a lot of time today. The gospel is amazing and it is true. I love you all and pray for you every day! Be happy!
Elder Puriri

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