November 16, 2010


Family family!
Another transfer has gone by! This last transfer was way cool. I learned a ton! We were supposed to get transfer calls Saturday but they called and said that we'd get them Sunday night. So we waited, then they called and said Monday morning. Then we waited, and we got them this morning! They were a bit different than we expected!
The assistants called and told us about everyone that was staying and we were supposed to call. Then they said alright well we'll let you call them and president will be giving you a call later letting you know what’s happening with you. Which meant there would be changes with us! So we gave the few companionships a call who were staying and waited. Then president called and said so you already got the transfer news? We thought he meant the stuff that we were supposed to pass on so we said yea. Then he said ok so Elder Puriri you know you're being transferred then? I thought about it for a second and was like wait what? No?

Turns out I’m being transferred to Frankfurt! 6 weeks in Heidelberg. Oh man it flew by so fast! I really love the members here and the missionaries I've been able to work with. I’m actually pretty sad to be leaving so soon. We were teaching such cool people and had good plans for this transfer. But I’m also not doubting the Lord, and I know that what’s ahead will be way good too. Just have to take what I learned and keep going. Crazy though definitely wasn’t expecting that one!!
This last week though was pretty cool! We did a couple austausches with some sweet Elders. There is so much to learn from everyone!! ha On Friday morning we were going to tausch with the Karlsruhe Elders (yes Asa they have a team in the Bundesliga, also Hoffenheim is in my area), we meet in a little place called Bad Schönborn because that’s where our tickets both end So we hop out of the train switch tickets and go! So we thought we had it organized so that Elder White would go back to Karlsruhe with Elder Howell until Saturday and I would go with Elder Chipman back to Heidelberg. So as our train pulled up Kruhe Elders were ready to switch. Elder white stayed on and I hoped off and to my surprise Elder Howell had an extra bag and they were both looking at me confused. I said Elder Howell hurry get on before it goes. And Elder Chipman jumped on ha, and I was like ‘what get off’. and Elder Howell goes 'wait what? He's getting on. Where’s elder white? so I explained quick how we understood it and Elder Howell said 'no I’m going to Heidelberg with Elder White. Then the train doors started beeping and closing while 3 of us were outside and Elder white was still seated waiting oblivious to the fact what is happening right now. So I jumped in between the doors and said alright everyone get on! Then we went to Elder white who was quite confused to see us all. We figured out they had planned that I go to Kruhe with Elder Chipman. I reminded everyone that 2 of us were riding now schwarz (without a ticket) and that whoever was going back to Heidelberg needed to get off at the next stop and switch trains. It was a pretty funny situation with a lot of confused people. Turns out I went on to Kruhe without any tausch stuff until Saturday. I just bought a toothbrush to survive until I got home the next day ha. In this confusion I had forgotten to give Elder white the keys to our apartment. So they had to sleep in an empty extra missionary apartment in Heidelburg to which Elder White had the spare keys just in case something like this happened ha. It all worked out ok in the end! And the tausch was very good!
We are teaching such awesome people! This member I've told you about, GianLuca, just keeps inviting us to teach his friends. It’s so cool! He prepares them all so well then when meet them we hardly have to do anything. The appointments we have with him and his friends are always super spiritual it’s such a cool feeling. We taught them all together and GianLuca's house on Saturday night. They are just way down to earth and want to really find out if God loves them and if what we say is true. It’s been way cool to work with them. I’m excited for them to continue to progress in the Gospel.
I've been able to learn a lot while here in Heidelberg. One of the most important things I continue to learn though is how important it is that we do what we can. I mean you yourself doing what you can do. German word is beherrschen. I don’t know a good English word. I guess master, master yourself. Because really the only thing you can ever 100% completely control is yourself. You can and do of course influence everything else around you, but you do not control it. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you yourself are doing everything in your power that you can do. Because if we give up our self control and act in a way contrary to what we know to be right, we are no longer controlling ourselves. Which means we are controlling nothing. Then there is no point! We are here to prepare ourselves to meet God again. And like that thought you sent to me mom, we have the responsibility of our influence. If we are doing our part, mastering ourselves, we are fulfilling our responsibility of influencing others for the better. Being of God, inspiring others to be better.
Lately it seems like things are just kind of overwhelming. So many things to think about all the time in order to stay on top of things. Investigators, other missionaries, ward and member work, yourself, tons of individual things! I doubt I've completely understood this but as of now I've decided the best way to figure all that out is to first master myself. Begin with the little things, master them, then the other things will naturally follow. Plus who am I to help others when I haven't got myself yet. The thing is though it’s all connected. In helping others and serving, we master ourselves. Like that quote from last week. So much to do all the time! Like President Uchtdorf said slow down, take a look and begin with the basics, the small things. In doing that everything else naturally follows. I'm going to be working on that. I hope you all will too! The goal is to be a family forever!! This requires everyone doing their part, while influencing the other for the better.
I love you all so much! Be happy! I hope you know by now what I mean when I say be happy, there’s lots tied into it! Do your best and have a good week!
Elder Puriri

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