November 8, 2010


Hope everyone had a good last week! We had a very busy week here!! Packed days that just blew by. Lots of teaching which is always fun and cool people we found. Austausch with Kaierslautern Elders. Worked with lots of members too. It was good. That summarizes the week! I'll write again next week!

ha just kiddin I will expoounnd. Good word, I've done good at remembering good English words lately. I don't think my English will be as rough as it was when I got home from my exchange but it will be different rough. After my exchange I just hadn't spoken English very much the last long while. Now we still use English a lot but it’s a limited topic and words and stuff. And I mix up German grammar into English sentence structure and substitute lots of German words in all the time, it sounds really weird probably. Missionaries understand me though! Since I've been here we've taught more in English then I have my whole mission combined. It’s really hard teaching in English! It’s especially hard praying in English, I'm really bad at that now. Good thing German will be the main language for the next while still.
Anyway, about the week. Well when I was on tausch with Elder Phelps here in Heidelberg we had a way busy day. It was my second time being in Heidelberg with someone on tausch. My confidence in knowing how to get around the city alone is growing ha. We had a super busy day though with appointments spread out all over the place. So we were constantly going it was sweet. We left Kaiserlautern that morning got to Heidelberg and went all day then got on a train down to Kaiserlautern that night! So it was a quick day tausch. On the train down to Kaiserlautern though we had a funny experience.

I had a DVD I had to give to the Elders in Mannheim when our train went through there so they were going to be at the platform when our train stopped and we were just going to hand it out the door to them ha. Then the Sisters called who had just gotten out of an eating appointment and asked if we wanted food. I said yes but we were on the train going away. Then she asked if we had passed through Mannheim yet and I said no. And they said Perfect! We’re at the train station and we'll just give you the bag at the platform! So you can imagine how this went. It’s a busy station lots of people getting on and off. The train doesn’t stop for too long. So I told the Elders and Sisters to meet us at the front door of the train. The doors opened and there they were, as well as like 20 other people around them trying to come into the train plus people behind me trying to get out. So I stepped halfway out, gave the elders the DVD grabbed the bag from the sisters and stepped back into the train while we all tried to get out of everyone’s way ha. Everyone watching was probably really confused. But it worked out perfect! It was pretty funny.

We had a pretty cool experience on Saturday night though! It actually starts on Monday. So Monday we had an appointment at this building, but sadly it fell out. Nobody was there! So we decided to finish doing doors there. The very last klingel at the top floor a lady said through the speaker box that we could come back the next day. We didn’t have time the next day, or until Friday though. So we went by Friday and made out an appointment with her for Saturday night. Then Saturday as we were getting to know her we asked kinda just like what her expectations were and stuff. Then she told us a sweet story! She said that the previous week she had wanted to find a new church to go to because she didn’t feel good at hers. So she decided to pray about it. Then as she was getting her mail at the bottom of the building she saw in the trash next to the mailbox one of our cards. (Yes I said it was in the trash but it’s ok) She said she saw 'Kirche Jesu Christi' on it and thought well maybe I could go to this church. So she picked it out, saw our church address and walked over and looked at the building. Then 2 days later, (Monday night) we rang her doorbell! I was way excited at the end of that story! Then we taught her a bit about Joseph Smith, and invited her to church, and she came! She liked it and we are meeting with her again tomorrow. Pretty amazing how it works sometimes!
Well we don’t have a lot of time today. People are waiting for us! This should be a really good week though, ending with transfer calls already. weird weird. Things are going good though and will go forward. I'm really grateful for the gospel, and for knowledge we have from it. We know who our God is, and who his son Jesus Christ is. John 17:3, we must know the TRUE God and his son Jesus Christ. We get to know them best just like how we get to know anyone else. By spending time with them and talking with them. So, spend time with them, and talk to your Heavenly Father. It is so cool getting to know them! I realize more and more how much they love us. How much they've done for us. It is such a blessing to have the pure gospel of Christ, it’s the best way to get to know the true God and Jesus Christ, who he sent.
I love you all! Spend time with them, and be happy!
Elder Puriri

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