August 31, 2010


More correspondence from Sister Muhlstein while we wait to hear from Isaac.  We have not received anything from Isaac's new mission president so I asked her if she could send me a picture and the correct address.  

Sister Puriri
Of course you may ask anything of me that you need. I'm surprised he did not tell you that he was a District Leader, although maybe I'm not, he is not prideful, and would not want this calling to come across as being proud. He is doing a marvelous work as our leader. He gives wonderful inspirational encouragement to us each week. There are 10 of us in the district, 8 Elders and the two of us. One week he gave an example by telling us how unselfish you were in always driving your boys around to their soccer games and practices, and putting in full days of work, and then helping them without complaining. He likened this to the love of the Savior for each of us, and that he gave His life in our service. He told us that he wanted us to emulate the love of the Savior by being constantly aware of what we can do for others. Also he said that a mother's love is so much like the Savior's and is so willingly given, and we should work to have this charity in our lives, and serve others with this love. He always gives us good examples, and stories that help us all want to work harder. He is a great leader. Oh yes, he is also my husbands first counselor in our branch presidency, and they give talks every month to the branch, as well as other branch responsibilities along with his missionary duties. Busy Man, but know that he is very happy.

Here is the infomation you need:

This is the Mission Office Information
Deutschland Frankfurt Mission
Corneliusstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main
069 97064310 (phone)

I have attached a Mission Map that I hope is helpful to you. There is not a blogsite, which we miss in this mission too. Coming from the Berlin Mission to this mission, has truly been a change for us, however this President and his wife are very busy with their family. They still have children here in school, as well as some in the States going to school. She told us she needed to use a lot of her time helping them, and would not be doing a blog. I have a blogsite that you are welcome to view: As long as Elder Puriri is here in Nordhausen you will catch glimpses of this wonderful town.

Our Blessings are with You,
Sister Muhlestein

A photo from The Muhlstein's blog

Isaac serving the children

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