August 29, 2010


My usual Monday morning anticipation will be postponed until Friday.  This will be a very long week.  Sigh... 

Dear Sister Puriri,
Elder Puriri is serving with us here in Nordhausen, and we have talked with you over Skype on Mother's Day as well. We were just having our weekly planning meeting, and he mentioned he could not do e-mails on this coming Monday due to the fact he will be in Frankfurt with all of the other District Leaders and Zone Leaders. They are training for the many changes that are coming to the mission on how to improve upon our teaching methods. As our District Leader he will bring this information back to us and then train all of the other Elders here in our District. He did say he will be able e-mail you on Thursday afternoon.

I told him I would write this e-mail to you and let you know so that you would not worry about him. He is a marvelous missionary, and has brought a wonderful spirit of love and devotion to the Nordhausen Branch. The Saints here love him and are so grateful for his service. May you be blessed for sending your son out to do the Lord's work in these the Latter-Days. We admire him and have seen him work deligently in the service of others.
Our Very Best To You,
Sister Muhlestein

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