July 14, 2010


So transfer calls were this last week! Usually we expect to get transfer calls on Saturday night so we were waiting and waiting but nothing was coming. Then finally we got a call and they said they weren't quite sure yet and they'd call us tomorrow (Sunday night). Apparently it’s a normal thing in the mission? But our zone coming from Berlin obviously isn't used to that so people weren't very happy ha. Anyway Sunday came and we got our call last night around 930 or so. Elder Loynes is being transfered to Frankfurt, and I am staying in Nordhausen! I'm getting a missionary who has been serving over in the Dusseldorf area, I think his name is Elder Gasman but I'm not sure. It will be his 3 transfer so he's been out about 5 months or so. I pretty much know nothing about him but I'm sure it will be good! Oh I do know he is from Orem, UT. But yea that’s all. Transfers happen in the mission now on Wednesday so that’s when he'll get here. Not quite the transfer call we were expecting but it'll be fun. So next email I'll be able to tell you more about my new companion ha.

Last week was a good week though. We’re teaching a new guy named Mr. Tämmerich, I might have already told you about him but I don’t know. He’s a cool guy though! We set a baptismal date with him a week or so ago and he is definitely progressing towards it! He came to church yesterday and seemed to like it a lot. As he said goodbye to people before he left he kept saying 'see you next week, I'm coming again' it was pretty cool. He is a good guy. 

Ahsan is doing good. Its summer break now so he is going to be out of town for 2 months. He is going to Frankfurt to visit family then maybe back to Bangladesh for summer but if not then he'll just stay in Frankfurt. Its pretty cool Elder Loynes is going there as well though, hopefully E. Loynes will still be able to stay in contact and meet with him there too. We met with him Saturday then had to say goodbye because he was leaving to Frankfurt. He won’t be back until September and Elder Loynes definitely won't be here then and I may not either. So saying goodbye was sad but still happy. We'll still be able to keep in contact.

The weather here has actually been very warm! Its been warm for about a week or a little more and everyone seems to be complaining already that they want rain and cool weather back. I'm quite enjoying the sun ha. It’s not exactly the most comfortable thing to walk around in with a shirt and tie and all but still it’s nice. Today I bought a cheap pair of flip-flops so I wouldn't have to wear shoes when I don't have to ha. I haven't worn slippers in 8 months; it feels so nice not wearing shoes!!

Yesterday in church I gave a talk about spiritual gifts. Elder Muhlestein thought I would be the one being transferred so he gave me a talk ha. It was good though. Every time I get a talk it seems like its exactly what I need to study more and learn more about or just need a refreshing of it. I studied D&C 46 mostly and verses 28 and 30 made me think a lot. I still haven't quite organized my thoughts about it yet but it reminded me of general conference in April. Elder Andersen in his talk said something like 'I testify that we have heard and felt the mind and will of the Lord'. Then Pres. Monson at the closing said 'It has been good for us to be here.' A short sentence but so cool! There’s so much to learn about the gospel and you are always learning more and more. As you do that you come to know and feel the mind and will of the lord. We continually move closer to God and set our selfish desires aside and try to align our will with his. Once we do that we can do like it says is D&C 46:30 ask for things according to the will of the Lord and they will be given to us. I've experienced that so much as a missionary. We try to put ourselves aside and focus on the work. We focus on what the people we are teaching need, on the spirit, and try to set our desires in line with the Lords. When we do that we get to know the Lord better then ever and we desire the same thing for people that he does. Then we ask for the blessings and gifts needed so that we can accomplish his will, and we receive them. I've seen it so much and am so grateful for it. Sorry I'm still kind of excited about the topic from yesterday as you see but its so cool. I was always confused about how to figure out what the will of the Lord is and worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. Then as I heard Elder Andersen’s words I realized how possible it is. Then Pres. Monson right after with that simple sentence 'It has been good for us to be here.' So true. It has been and will forever be good that I am here serving a mission. Its such an amazing thing. Of course I'm here to bring the gospel to other people and to help others but at the same time I'm learning and growing so much. I'm excited for this transfer and for what’s to come.

Transfers are honestly going by faster and faster though so I need to really make the most of each day. Back when I was in Schwarzenberg and on my first exchange with Elder Clawson we were talking about transfers and I said how fast my first transfer was going by already and he laughed and said 'Well your in trouble then, because they only start going faster and faster'. Not that I didn't believe him but I guess I didn't understand. Last transfer with Elder Kearl went by so fast and at the end of it I thought 'there is no way any other transfer will go faster then that.' but this one with Elder Loynes did. Scary! Have to make the most of every day!! It’s so important. We are going to go help Sis. Küper move right now. I hope you are all doing good. Thanks for everything!!! I love you so much!
Elder Puriri

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