July 5, 2010


This past week was a very exciting/crazy week. It was a fun week, with lots of cool experiences. We spent a lot of time in trains this week doing different things, but were still able to get lots accomplished. Mom your little thought on Unity was pretty humbling and quite funny you chose to talk about unity. That’s all we've been hearing from President Pimentel, and also from President and Sister Ninow. Just so you know Ninow is pronounced Ni-no, not like Ni-now. Anyway, I'll start at the more towards the beginning of last week.

So Tuesday we had to go to a city called Koethen over in the now Berlin Mission. Elder Loynes had a quick doctor’s appointment. We met up with the Elders there and went to the doctor’s office which is in the bottom part of his house. As Elder Loynes was down there we were up in the kitchen being fed by the doctor’s wife ha. They are members in the Koethen ward. They are a really cool family. As we were driving back to the train station afterwards Elder Loynes kept making jokes about the Berlin and Frankfurt mission since in a couple days we would become Frankfurt missionaries. It was a pretty funny drive. Then another 2 1/2 hours on the train back to Nordhausen! We got to see some of Berlin Missionaries for the last time though and it was fun to talk to them and say bye. Also kind of weird though. Wednesday we had to go down to Gotha and Elder Loynes had to do a baptismal interview for a woman who was baptized on Saturday! It was cool, he did the interview, and we taught the family all together with the other Elders. It was a good day. Also another 4 hours total on the train. Then Friday Elder Killpack came to me in Nordhausen and we did a little exchange, he had to do Ahsan's baptismal interview. We were at the Muhlesteins for lunch and planning and Ahsan's interview was supposed to be later, but he called and asked if we could do it then. So we paused planning and went and met him at the church and Elder Killpack did the interview. Not long later they came and got me and we prayed together one more time before Ahsan headed home. Elder Killpack was telling me about the interview and how cool it was. It made me way excited for the
baptism! He said Ahsan would just keep telling him about the Book of Mormon and how he feels when he reads and how it likes it so much even though that’s not really part of the interview questions. We went back to the Muhelsteins and finished planning real quick and then caught the train down to Erfurt so we could switch back to our companions. Then Elder Loynes and I got back on the train and came back to Nordhausen!

Now the good part ha. Woke up at 4:30 on Saturday morning, caught the tram down to the Train Station at 5:45. Then we met Ahsan outside his apartment which is right by the train station. Then we hopped on the train and headed to Erfurt for Ahsan's baptism! As we got to the Erfurts Main train station lots of the other missionaries from the zone were there as well since it was our first Zone Conference with the Ninows and we were doing the baptism right before. Ahsan thought it was pretty cool to see so many missionaries since he had only ever really been around the Muhlesteins and Elder Loynes and me. We got to the Erfurt ward building a bit late so Ahsan and I went and got changed real quick and then went into the baptismal room. It was kind of weird walking in and seeing President and Sister Ninow for the first time and I hadn't even talked to them yet. Elder Loynes handed me the program and I looked at it then handed it to Ahsan for him to look at. As he closed it he looked at the front there was a picture of the Freiberg Temple and his name on the program. He got a big smile on his face as he read his name on the front of it. It was such a cool thing to see. Then as I looked forward into the glass in front of the fount I saw our reflections, both of us wearing white, then the atmosphere of the room totally changed. It was all really quiet and the piano was going softly, as I saw our reflections and the water behind them I was filled with such a cool feeling!! Excitement, and peace, and I was so happy and grateful that Ahsan was ready to be baptized. Ahsan and I stepped down into the fount and got ready to do the baptism. As I began to speak I suddenly felt like it wasn't me saying those words anymore. It’s hard to explain but it was kind of overwhelming as it all happened, definitely an experience I will never forget. After the baptismal service we all talked for a little then Ahsan said goodbye to everyone and headed back to Nordhausen since we had to stay for our Zoco. It was a very tiring day. Up so early, such spiritual experience and then just tons of new info about the Frankfurt mission to take it.

President Ninow has got a Zone from the Berlin mission, the Munich mission and the Hamburg mission. So he has to unify 4 different missions together, not an easy job. Thanks mom again for that message on unity. We've been taught it so much lately I didn't think it would be a big deal and that it would be easy. There’s so many new things and differences between the missions though and we're so used to Pres. Pimentel and the Berlin mission now we have to get used to Pres. Ninow and the Frankfurt mission. I've already learned lots in the last couple days and I've realized how important humility is. I will have to work more on humbling myself. But my purpose as a missionary hasn’t changed. I'm still serving the Lord and in the whole I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Yesterday in Church Ahsan was confirmed by Elder Loynes. These last two Sundays have been so cool! I'm very grateful for the things that have happened in the last little while. We've been blessed to see so many miracles. 

Transfer calls will be this Saturday still, I have no idea if either one of us will be transferred or not. We don't really know how Pres. Ninow does it so we will have to wait and see! 

I hope everything back home is going good though. Thanks for the letters and everything. I love you all so much! Be positive and have a good week!
Elder Puriri

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