March 31, 2010


Things here are pretty good. Yes things here are warming up. Twice this week I didn't even wear a coat and on Thursday I wore a short sleeve shirt! You have to take advantage of the warm sunny days ha. It was around 23°C or so it was so nice. I could like feel my skin absorbing the sun taking as much in as possible it felt way good. Plus then the people on the street are happier and there are more people out! It's pretty weird though Schwarzenberg without snow looks totally different. It doesn't feel like the same place anymore its weird.
Well last letter I talked about how President was asking if Elder Lersch new his way around yet and all and how I figured I'd be getting transferred this upcoming transfer. That kind of happened Saturday night ha. Elder Lersch and I were doing doors in a part of Schwarzenberg and our phone rang and it was the Assistants. I talked to them and they said there had been some 'Blitz Transfers' and that I was affected. In our mission a Blitz is just when there is a random transfer of a few missionaries in the middle of the regular transfer. So yea, I'm am getting Blitzed to a city called Nordhausen in the Erfurt Zone...which also surprised me. So Elder Lersch has been my companion for 3 weeks, now I'm leaving to Nordhausen to work with Elder Mason from New Mexico. We were pretty surprised about the Blitz because there ísn't any like apparent reason for it. Elder Vandenberg from Nordhausen is coming here and I'm going there. Not sure why, but God has his reasons for things. Nordhausen is in the Erfurt Zone though, so if I stay there longer then one transfer I will be headed to the Frankfurt, Germany mission. Which is also a crazy thought. I would like to stay in the Berlin mission but, what I would like doesn't matter. I will finish the last 3 weeks of this transfer there then most likely stay the next transfer there. If I stay any longer then that though, I'm probably gone ha. So my Pday today will be packing day. Then tomorrow catch a train and head up and over to Nordhausen. Oh and about sending the stuff to office instead of me, you don't have to do that anymore. You can just send it to the Nordhausen address.
Yesterday after church and everything we went to Olaf Ebisch's and had lunch there. Elder Lersch, Elder Killpack, Elder Ulrich and me. Sister Ebisch took a lot of pictures and she said she was going to try to send you some, maybe she already did I don't know. Then they called Cedric in St. George and talked to him for a little and let me talk to him since I wont be here anymore when he gets back. He said he was going to try and visit you guys and from the pictures you sent it looks like he did. Its so crazy seeing him in the house ha. He asked if he should tell you guys I'm getting blitzed and I told him he could so maybe you guys already knew about it but yea. Also Adrian was on the computer and I told him you are doing a blog for me so he looked it up. He saw the picture with him on there we noticed you put Members in Annaberg above the picture. He says I need to tell you to switch it to say Schwarzenberg ha. The blog is pretty sweet though! With the Ebisch's daughter living in St. George, hopefully we can keep in contact with them throughout and after my mission!
Anyway! Yesterday in church was awesome. We had way more investigators show up then planned which is always cool. Elder Lersch had a talk, and since I'm getting blitzed I said my goodbyes to the ward and shared my testimony. Before sacrament meeting started though everyone was seated and way quiet. Prelude music was playing and everyone was just sitting there listening. I was thinking about my time here in Schwarzenberg, I looked around and saw all the visitors we had a church, then right in front of me was a family. I watched the kids sitting quietly talking to their parents, the big brother picked up the little brother and held him. The mom and dad were talking to the daughter, everyone was smiling and it still seemed like it was completely silent in the room to me. You could see the love and light radiating from everyone. I was completely filled with this warmth/light, its hard to describe. Just sitting there though and seeing everyone. I realized once again how amazing the gospel of Jesus Christ is and what a blessing the church is in our lives. I thought of the scripture Mosiah 2:41 'And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual, and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true, for the Lord God hath spoken it.' Sitting there yesterday I could see the 'blessed and happy state', I will never forget that.
To top that all off, yesterday after church we had Frau Richter's baptism. She wanted Elder Killpack to baptize her so Elder Killpack and Edler Ulrich, his companion, where there as well. It was a small baptismal service she didn't want to make it a huge thing. I was able to be a witness and to stand in the circle as Brother Ebisch confirmed her. Yesterday was kind of spiritually overwhelming. So many amazing things happened. It was a good way to end my time here in Schwarzenberg. 
So tomorrow I'm headed to Nordhausen. I'll put the address at the end of this email. One of the pictures is in front the of Freiberg Temple last week and the other at the Ebisch's house yesterday with Elder Lersch. I don't know if the picture in front of the temple will work for that thing mom. Suns kind of in my eyes but whatever, let me know if you need a different one.  
I'm grateful I was able to be here long enough to see someone I've been teaching be baptized. I know that that is a huge blessing. I loved serving in Schwarzenberg. Tomorrow its off to Nordhausen, I'll call you and let you know I got there safely. ha just kidding! I'll write again next week though no worries. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything! have a wonderful week!
Elder Puriri
Nordhausen address:
Kirche Jesu Christi
Elder Puriri
Stuhlberger Str. 78
99734 Nordhausen

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