March 1, 2010


That’s pretty sweet mom and Ammon went to that concert. Seems like it was pretty cool! Mom that picture/collage thing is sweet, except you have to take the word 'legit' off of it. That word isn't allowed in our family. Ask Ammon he'll explain. Where did they play at though, like at the college or something? Anyway, I bet that was pretty fun. 

Things here in Schwarzenberg/Annaberg-Buchholz are going pretty good! There was sun here a couple times this week, its crazy how fast the snow is melting! I'm getting excited for spring where I don't have to wear my big coat all day every day. Yesterday we went finding in Aue and it was about 50 degrees with sun and it felt so good...kinda sad that 50 degrees is now warm to me. Anyway. slowly warming up. Except the members keep telling us that its supposed to get cold again and its supposed to snow more. Hopefully they're wrong, if not, oh well. The time is flying by. Been gone over 3 months, it’s already March!? And the end of this transfer is this next weekend. So next email I may be getting transferred somewhere else, or Elder Killpack will be going and I'll get a new companion here. I'm thinking I will stay here and Elder Killpack will be going. Last week of the transfer! After this I will no longer be considered a 'golden' or new missionary ha. I guess that’s pretty cool.

This last week was good! ...every week is good. It was fun though. A member in Schwarzenberg, Br. Seidl, takes care of all the cars in the whole mission. His Auto shop is pretty much connected to our Apartment, and he owns the apartment we live in. Whenever there are car troubles in the mission, he takes our car, drives to where the problem car is, leaves them our good one, and brings us the broken one. Pretty awesome huh. It happens like once a week it seems like. Probably not quite that often though. So some days we are left without a car, when he needs it to drive to trade, or when it’s in the shop and he's fixing it. Usually it’s not a problem but randomly sometimes he'll need the car and just come get it from us. Then we have to figure out how to get to all out appointments that day without a car. This happened unexpectedly on Wednesday. All our scheduled appointments that day were in Annaberg and the surrounding small villages around there. Which is about a 30-45 minute drive. We weren't sure how we were going to make all of our appointments, but we knew somehow it would work. We got a bus to Annaberg, got our appointments done there, then another bus to Mildenau(a tiny village outside of Annaberg). Mildenau had pretty much one street that is about 5 kilometers long. We were at one end at the bus stop; our appointment was almost totally at the opposite side. We had about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there, teach, and get back to make the last bus from Mildenau to Annaberg for the day. Got there with about an hour to spare. Had an awesome lesson with this guy which happened to go a little longer then wanted. We left at about 4:38 and the bus came at 5:02(at the other side of the village. If we miss this bus it’s a long long walk to Annaberg, and we don't make it back to Schwarzenberg for our last appointment for the night). We said bye and started to walk off, as soon as the guy's door closed and we were around the corner we took off running! He didn't totally live at the other side of the village so we had 4 kilometers or so to run.
Picture 2 Elders, both wearing their winter coats, backpacks, big winter shoes, sprinting through a small quiet German village. We got lots of funny looks from people we passed. I couldn't help but just start laughing in the middle of the run picturing what we looked like to people. We ran the whole way! Came around the corner to the bus stop and saw a kid waiting for the bus! We didn't miss it. Right when we got there the bus came around the corner. It was crazy. I haven't ran since I left in November. I didn't think I had a chance when we started. The whole time though it never got harder to run like it normally does. I felt like I just started running the whole time, and like I didn't need to stop. Angels were definitely carrying us. It was a pretty cool experience. We made all of our appointments that day. When we do our best to accomplish what we are supposed to, the Lord will bless us and we'll succeed.
When we woke up the next morning though it was horrible. My legs were all cramped and felt like I tore all my muscles. We were both hobbling around like 2 old men it was pretty funny. Missionary work is fun! Miracles happen all the time its so cool. I'm having tons of fun, learning a lot, and my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel is strengthened every day.
I hope everybody is doing good! Thanks for all of your letters, prayers, love, everything! I grateful for everything you all are doing for me. Have a good week, be positive, be happy.
I love you all!
Elder Puriri

ps. These pictures are from the Weihungs Ort in Dresden. Elder Killpack, me, Elder Meixner, Elder Taylor. Then one with Elder Taylor and me


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