July 11, 2011


Dear Family!
Another week gone by. Sounds like you also all had an eventful week. Thats awesome you got to go to that Real game like that and that picture with Asa and Beckerman is pretty sweet! The womens world cup is going on here right now. Its not nearly as crazy as the mens last year and that one wasn't even in Germany. They still love their soccer though but since germany is apparently out its not as exciting for them all. We heard US girls played yesterday but we have no idea how they did. Sometimes we see scores on big info screens at different tram stops. Its cool though, soccers always good. The ward has a sport night every week and we went once last transfer with an investigator of ours who plays soccer and played with them. Now this coming saturday is a ward grill party and some of the members talked about playing soccer. So maybe we will play a bit with the ward that day. Oh and yes I did get that package you sent a couple weeks ago. We were at home having lunch then when we left and started walking down the street the mail van pulled into our street and as he drove down the road towards us he stuck his are out straight and pointed at us. So we walked over to his window and he said I think I have something for you, then got up and walked to the back and came back with my package. He said ''Aren't you Elder?'' I said yes I am ha. We thought it was funny he knew us and stopped us on the street like that. So we had to walk back to the apartment and put the package inside. We still haven't made the cupcakes yet but we will do that this week hopefully.

I read Erics letter and I feel I can relate pretty well to how he is feeling right now. It is strange to be one of the older missionaries out here. Everytime I go on tausch or am with a group of missionaries for some reason I think I'm still one of the young ones. Then someone will say something or I'll just realize I'm one of the older ones in the group, or on tausch with a younger elder. Its a strange thing. I remember looking up to the older Elders and learning from them and all. I can't picture myself being one of them. So I guess I look up to the younger Elders now and learn from them.

It was a quick week though. We had 3 tausches so that made things blend and its hard to remember what happened on what day. One of them I worked with Elder Münzer so that was cool. He was serving in Erfurt with Elder Killpack back when we switched over from the Berlin mission. I had tausched with him twice before back when I was in Nordhausen. So it was cool having the opportunity one more time to work with him before he heads home in 2 weeks. He is training a new Elder and has kept it a secret that he is going home ha so his companion is going to be a bit confused in a couple weeks.

During one of the tausches I was with Elder Dieduksman (from holland) and Elder Durrant was working with Elder Gassman. All 4 of us spent the day in Nürnberg working. Elder Dieduksman and I went by a some people in the afternoon and one guy we went by on wasn't home but his wife answered. We talked to her quick and she said her husband would be back around 6 that night and that we could come back if we wanted. We weren't sure if we would have time but we wrote it down just in case. Then we went on with our day. --Around that same time Elder Gassman and Durrant were at the main train station in Nürnberg checking some train times when some guy yelled ''hey Elders!'' turned out to be some guy from Nigeria who had been researching our church. He came up and said something to them ''Hey Elders can you tell me where your church is here? I've researched a lot about you guys and I find nothing wrong with you. You guys are alright. I read in your book one time, I think it was Moroni or someone but they said When you are in the service of your fellowmen you are only in the service of God. I really like that guys, I find nothing wrong with your church'' They had some time and the church isnt far from there so they went with him to the church and gave him a quick tour and got his information. He said to call him and make out an appointment because he would have to talk to his wife to see when it would be ok.

So around 630 we all 4 met up and Elder Gassman and Dieduksman left and Elder Durrant and I decided to go by on the guy whose wife told us would be home again around this time. We got there and rang the bell then this guy opened up the door. As we opened Elder Durrant got this shocked look and kind of jumped back and the guy did the same thing. Then the guy was like ''Wow were you coming to see me or just being missionaries knocking on doors like you do?'' I, being unaware of what was really going on asked, ''Well are you this guy?'' and pointed to the name on the doorbell. He said yes then I said then yes we were coming to see you. Then Elder Durrant goes ''We didn't know this was you. We were just coming by.'' Then I was confused and thought, we purposely meant to come by on him so what are you talking about? Then the guy just said ''Well I just got home and my wife and kids aren't here. The apartment isn't the cleanest but I guess you can come up with me.'' Then he turned around and we began following him up the stairs to his apartment. Elder Durrant turned around to me and whispered ''THATS THE GUY WE RAN INTO AT THE TRAIN STATION AND SHOWED HIM THE CHURCH!!'' I then connected the story he and Elder Gassman told us when we met back up and the quick visit Elder Dieduksman and I had early that day with his wife and was blown away ha. I had a huge smile on my face as we sat down and started talking a bit more. Then his wife got home and came in. She saw me and was like oh Hi you were here earlier. Then her husband asked what she was talking about. Then Elder Durrant explained how that day there was 4 of us in Nürnberg and 2 of us earlier talked to his wife and the other 2 talked to him at the train station and that we didn't know it was connected and just came back because the wife said he could. The guy was amazed and said ''This is no coincidence, God wanted us to be here''. It was really cool. So we will continue meeting with them and teaching them about the restored gospel of which he already knows surprisingly lots. So that was cool that all four of us were able to work together unknowingly to help the same family that day.

Yesterday in church was also cool. The priesthood lesson was taught by a man who has been a member since about February. He joined the church alone, is married and has 2 kids. The lesson was on Eternal Families. I was amazed during the lesson as he taught about Eternal Families and shared his thoughts with us about it all. You could see how important that is to him and the optimism and hope he has to achieve it. I felt again the responsibility I have to do my part to help our family also achieve that. I felt and learned more things I can do and I also felt a real gratitude to mom and dad for what they do to help us have that. I felt this Brothers desire to have that and can imagine Mom and Dad also have a similar desire for their family to have it. I realized better that in order for Mom and Dad to have this I have to do my part. In order for this blessing to be received I play a deciding role. We all do. I felt that Mom and Dad have this desire as this Brother expressed in his lesson. I imagine it is constantly pulling at their hearts and driving them to do their part. I felt very accountable to them to do my part and realized if I alone do not and everyone else does, the fullness of this blessing and desire would be hindered. So I feel yesterday during that lesson I learned a little better about eternal families and the importance of our family. I learned more about my part in that and felt my responsibility to do my part. So I hope to move forward and fulfill my part in our efforts.

Time is running short, but I'm grateful for all of you! I love you all. Make it and good week and be happy! Thank you all for everything!!
Elder Puriri
also happy birthday this week karamea!! love you!

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